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'The Masked Singer' Season 8: Is Pee Wee Herman aka Paul Reubens under Sir Bugaboo mask? Here are the clues

Scarecrow and Sir Bugaboo are destined to come up in Wednesday night episode
'The Masked Singer' Season 8 masked celeb Sir Bugaboo is speculated to be 'Pee Wee' Herman aka Paul Reubens (Instagram/@peeweeherma,@maskedsingerfox)
'The Masked Singer' Season 8 masked celeb Sir Bugaboo is speculated to be 'Pee Wee' Herman aka Paul Reubens (Instagram/@peeweeherma,@maskedsingerfox)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Episode 9 will cast a spooky spell on the stage. The 'Fright Night' episode will feature two new masked singers beside Snowstorm. Scarecrow and Sir Bugaboo are destined to come up in the Wednesday night episode. Moreover, to pay tribute to the Thanksgiving season, FOX is bringing a two-night episode.

'The Masked Singer' Season 8 will probably stop the series of bringing new masked singers after the 'Fright Night' epsiode, In Episode 9, we will see Snowstorm competing with Scarecrow and Sir Bugaboo. It is to be seen whether Snowstorm will be able to keep her crown or will stall. Well, the fans' theories suggest that Snowstorm will win the 'Fright Night' episode and be moved ahead in the semi-finals. The 'Battle of the Semi Finals' will premiere just after the 'Fright Night' episode. The one who is in the semifinals will go ahead for the two-night and two-hour-long finale episode. With the advent of new masked singers in the upcoming episode, fans have been theorizing who they could be. Keep reading to connect the clues.


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Clues for Sir Bugaboo

Casting the ghoulish look, Sir Bugaboo is a cat-like-monster. The masked singer's face is painted in green color with some blue feathers around the ears. Sir Bugaboo has pointy teeth and sharp nails painted in blue color. Moreover, this masked singer is donning the look in a sophisticated gentlemanly style, wearing glittery blue jacket with black collar. It has a pink bowtie attached to it. Sir Bugaboo, with four legs, is wearing pink and blue checkered pants, embedded with yellow flowers. Sir Bugaboo adds the simplistic yet magical feel to this costume by wearing a pink and brown colored flip flops and pink and black colored hat.

The clue slipped for this masked singer is 'bow tie'. While dropping a hint for Sir Bugaboo, FOX captioned the post, "This mask is paw-sitively!" This indeeed hinted toward the funny or positive attitude of this celebrity singer underneath the mask. The further clues dropped for the upcoming masks of the 'Fright Night' episode are a film reel, skates, a house, and a golden colored globe. 


Is 'Pee-Wee' actor Paul Reubens the Sir Bugaboo?

While fans ransacked their brains to figure out what the clue meant, many connected the 'bow tie' clue with 'Pee Wee' Herman aka Paul Reubens. We have often seen Reubens wearing a red colored bow tie in all installments of 'Pee-Wee' shows and movies. Reubens is an actor, comedian, producer, writer, and child entertainer. Moreover, he also possesses singing skills. His musical skills were witnessed in 'Kidnap the Sandy Claws', 'Surfin' Birds', 'Luckiest Boy in the World,' and 'New York'.

Linking the few unveiled pointers, 'The Masked Singer' fans speculated that the celebrity singer underneath this mask could either be Bill Nye. With Nye already being once casted in the show as Ice Cube, there are very chances of him once again being introduced. Therefore, majority of the fans are bent toward thinking that Sir Bugaboo could be 'Pee Wee' Herman aka Reubens. 


While all clues point at Reubens, we will have to wait until the unmasking to see whether Sir Bugaboo is indeed him. ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 8 ‘Fright Night’ is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, November 23, at 8 pm ET on FOX.