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'The Masked Singer' Season 8: Is Nikki Glaser the Scarecrow? Video gives clues to singer's identity

Ever since FOX announced about the upcoming new masked singers, fans have been ransacking their brains to figure out what the 'crow' clue could mean
'The Masked Singer' Season 8 masked singer Scarecrow is speculated to be Nikki Glaser (Instagram/@nikkiglaser,FOX)
'The Masked Singer' Season 8 masked singer Scarecrow is speculated to be Nikki Glaser (Instagram/@nikkiglaser,FOX)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Episode 9 is going to feature two new masked singers. Snowstorm, the winner of the Comedy Roast Night, will once again have to compete for her crown in the 'Fright Night' episode. The two new masked singers destined to be introduced ahead are Sir Bugaboo and Scarecrow.

The one who wins the 'Fright Night' episode will directly be moved ahead to the semifinals along with Harp and Lambs. In the last episode, we saw Snowstorm competing with Bride and Avacado. Bride was eliminated in the middle of the show and was unmasked as WWE wrestler Chris Jericho. Snowstorm and Avacado then moved ahead for the Battle Royale round and sang their own rendition of 'You're So Vain' by Carly Simon. Snowstorm won the round with Avacado being unmasked as comedian Adam Carolla. With two new masked singers coming in the Fright Night episode, fans are eagerly waiting to know who it could be. Let us further connect the clues.


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Clues on who could be Scarecrow

The Scarecrow costume is inspired by the Halloween night costume. This mask has a pumpkin head with cut-out eyes and smiles in it. Moreover, the masked singer is seen made up of hays with it coming out from its jacket and pants. Scarecrow is seen wearing the red checkered jacket and a yellow shirt inside it. The masked singer pairs the jacket with blue pants having frills below it. Further, the masked singer dons the look with brown boots, red and white gloves, and a wizard-like red hat. 

The first clue slipped by FOX for this masked singer is a 'crow'. Along with this clue, Robin Thicke, one of the panelists, recently dropped a clip hinting that Scarecrow could be a girl. In the clip, Scarecrow is seen saying, "Nick, I have something to say..." Nick Cannon, the host of the show, further says in the clip, "It has never happened in 'The Masked Singer's history." And then, the judges are seen acting shocked. Well, this led many believe this masked singer could either self-eliminate or be connected to Nick in some or the other way. The further clues dropped by the official site for the upcoming masked singers are a film reel, roller shoes, a house, and a globe.


Is Nikki Glaser the Scarecrow?

Ever since FOX announced about the upcoming new masked singers, fans have been ransacking their brains to figure out what the "crow" clue could mean. Well, there has been a long-running theory that Nikki Glaser could be underneath the Scarecrow mask. The "crow" clue could relate to Glaser's love for the birds. E Online reports the comedian's love for the birds as she had a trip to a bird sanctuary. She confessed, "I love birds." She further explained, "Birds represent a very childlike feeling in my soul." 


Furthermore, we are concluding Glaser to be underneath the Scarecrow mask as Thicke's clip hints that the celebrity singer in this mask is allegedly a girl and the 'voice' heard in the video is quite similar to hers. Moreover, the house clue dropped by FOX could connect Glaser's comedy series, 'Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?' 

Instagram was abuzz with the fans' theories, "Nikki Glaser: The house must be Welcome Home Nikki Glaser. She was on Comedy Central, so that must be for the map of Africa (specifically CENTRAL Africa)." Moreover, there has been a theory on the internet saying that Scarecrow will be the first one to get eliminated from the show. A fan commented, "Scarecrow is out first and sir bug a boo and snow storm is in the battle Royale but sir bug a boo is eliminated and snow storm is in the semi finals." Whilst, "I'm sorry but scarecrow will be eliminated first, the opening already showed," wrote another fan.

With all clues point at Glaser, we will still have to wait until the unmasking to see whether Scarecrow is actually her. ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 8 ‘Fright Night’ is scheduled to release on Wednesday, November 23, at 8 pm ET on FOX.