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'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Comedy Roast Night: Avocado is comedian Adam Carolla, here are the clues

Avocado and Bride got unmasked, declaring Snowstorm as the winner of the episode
'The Masked Singer' Season 8 mask Avocado unmasked as Adam Carolla (FOX)
'The Masked Singer' Season 8 mask Avocado unmasked as Adam Carolla (FOX)

'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Episode 8 titled 'Comedy Roast Night' brought two new singers to compete with Queen Bride. The two new masked singers introduced were Avocado and Snowstorm. Sadly, Bride got eliminated in the middle of the show, claiming most of the fans' guesses about this masked singer to be true. The Bride was unmasked as wrestler Chris Jericho. Furthermore, Avocado and Snowstorm moved ahead for the Battle Royal round.

Avocado mask donned the stage dressed in an avocado dress that was cut in half, showing off the inside seed as the face of the masked singer. Wearing the green dress, Avocado was holding a green mic in his hand, covered in green glittery gloves. The glowing golden-colored avocado costume, the mask had a smiling face and a friendly as well as charming personality. The clues brought up by Avocado was that this celebrity singer underneath the mask is "dude's dude." The panelists were sure that the celebrity singer in the Avocado mask was someone who is a funny guy. But, they stalled to make the correct guess. Avocado was unmasked as a radio personality and comedian Adam Carolla. Let us dig into the clues.


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Clues for Avocado

FOX slipped the first clue for Avocado to be "chips." As soon as this masked singer entered the stage, he brought with him another package of clues. The strength of this masked singer was claimed to be "Keto friendly." This indeed hinted toward the fitness freak personality of the celebrity. Avocado took 'The Masked Singer' panelists as well as the live audience by shock by singing 'Hit The Road Jack' by Ray Charles. 

A further clue package dropped by this masked singer was that this celebrity singer likes to "make people laugh." This made Robin Thicke connect the dot, saying that the celebrity singer is a comedian. Moreover, Avocado claimed that he enjoys construction. The panelists note that this masked singer might have played a construction worker character on TV. Well, this clue connected to Adam Carolla's reality show 'Catch a Contractor' where he and his construction expert team turned a shady house into a brand new luring one. 

The "chips" clue connected Carolla's Chip Foose tour with Sandy Ganz. After the Battle Royale round, Snowstorm was declared the winner, and Avocado was eliminated and unmasked. Panelists were shocked to see Avocado unmasked as a radio personality, actor, and podcaster Adam Carolla. The comedian is famous for his talk show 'The Adam Carolla Show.' He also set a record for the "most downloaded podcast" in Guinness World records in 2011. 

Snowstorm has been declared the winner of the Comedy Roast Night episode. 'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Episode 9 will release on November 23 at 8 pm ET on FOX.