'The Masked Singer' Season 6 Spoilers: Is Faith Evans the Skunk? Here are the clues

'Skunk is ABSOLUTELY FAITH EVANS! I know her voice ANYWHERE! I LOVE HER!' commented a 'The Masked Singer' fan

                            'The Masked Singer' Season 6 Spoilers: Is Faith Evans the Skunk? Here are the clues
'The Masked Singer' fans think the Skunk Mask is Faith Evans (FOX & Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

Clad in a well-fitted black velvet dress with pristine white fur and covered in diamonds, the magnificent Skunk costume kicked off the season 6 premiere of 'The Masked Singer'. As soon as we laid our eyes on the skunk the first thing that came to our mind was diva, she exuded the air of a true diva. 

The host of the show- Nick Cannon welcomes the stinky yet glamorous diva aka skunk onto the stage. As she glided onto the stage, we got our first set of clues. The diva under this costume reportedly likes the executive suites and dislikes coffee without cream! Interesting. But that wasn't all the clues we got for her. When she was asked why she chose the skunk costume she explained that she chose the stinky mammal as she relates to its duality, the yin and yang. She gets a wee bit philosophical as she rambles about life not always being black and white, and that there's always two sides to every story. 


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Clues for Skunk Mask

She is then shown walking through a train with some men in black suits reading a newspaper with Jenny McCarthy's picture on it and the headline of the story reads, "Has the Golden Ear winner lost her mind?” She continues about how she has seen a lot of things over the years, her train ticket reads “Skunk Express” and says she is departing from Seoul, Korea.

She further teases fans by saying that there might be a misconception about her that she's always quick to jump int a fight, but that's reportedly far from the truth. She explains that you don’t always have to react when provoked. She then snaps her tail at the men while walking past a vase with the letter “D” on it. Skunk finally reveals that she took a break for a minute to focus on family, but she’s now ready to get back out there and “make it do what it do, boo.” But not before spraying the men with some hater spray!


Is Faith Evans under Skunk Mask?

Skunk finally gets on the stage and gives a power-packed performance to 'Diamonds' by Sam Smith. Her rich and soothing voice quickly made it clear that she's a soul singer, so the Seoul clue from earlier could possibly be pointing at her soul singer career. The judges immediately recognized that the celebrity under the costume was no ordinary celebrity but a royalty and a big leagues diva. 

Robin Thicke guessed the celebrity as either Gloria Gaynor or Faith Evans, while Ken Jeong began listing out a long list of divas from the music industry such as Erykah Badu, Anita Baker, Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, etc. The host of the show Nick Cannon jokes that Ken has named every Black female musician. Jenny places her bet on Mary J. Blige, while Robin Scherzinger believes it could be Toni Braxton. 

Fans think Faith Evans is under skunk  mask on 'The Masked Singer' (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Live Nation)


While the judges were busy throwing in their guesses, the audience however were pretty convinced that R&B singer/ reality star Faith Evans was underneath the skunk mask. Many fans pointed out that they could recognize her distinct voice from anywhere and the skunk definitely bore striking resemblance to it. A fan tweeted, "The #skunk on #TheMaskedSinger is so obviously @faithevans she tried to mask her voice but there is just no disguising her iconic sound." Another fan wrote, "Skunk is ABSOLUTELY FAITH EVANS! I know her voice ANYWHERE! I LOVE HER! #TheMaskedSinger." "The Skunk is 10000% Faith Evans #TheMaskedSinger," added a fan. Another fan commented, "Are we all watching #TheMaskedSinger ? Cuz I think the skunk is Faith Evans and the pufferfish is Toni Braxton.."





All clues do point at Faith Evans possibly being the skunk. The contestants on the current season have 27 Grammys and a cool 85 Grammy nominations amongst them, of which Faith contributes to one win and seven nominations! We can't wait to see who is hiding underneath the skunk mask, but until then we'll be looking for more clues that might confirm our guesses. 

'The Masked Singer' Season 6 airs every Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX. 

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