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'The Family Chantel' Season 3 Episode 12 Fan Review: Lydia is a manipulator, say viewers

It's safe to say that Pedro's mother, Lydia, is a hypocrite and yet, taunts her son unnecessarily
UPDATED DEC 28, 2021
Pedro and Lydia Jimeno from 'The Family Chantel' (TLC, Instagram/@pedrojosejrjimeno)
Pedro and Lydia Jimeno from 'The Family Chantel' (TLC, Instagram/@pedrojosejrjimeno)

The recent episode of 'The Family Chantel' sees Pedro's mother, Lydia, get all the more difficult with every situation that pans out. What's more, it's rather obvious that she gives her son a very tough time, constantly judging his choices, and having to make at least one poor remark in regard to him, whatever it may be.

Having said that, it's surprising that Lydia has so much "wisdom" to pass on to her son, especially given that she's not the most pious woman out there, having lived as a side chick her entire life, and yet, being OK with it.


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Here's what fans have to say about the recent episode of 'The Family Chantel'.

One fan said, "Pedro’s mother is a master manipulator ! We all know Winter wouldn’t throw a glass of water to her. She was just trying to pin Pedro again them #familychantel #thefamilyChantel", while another shared, "Aww Pedro is really hurting #thefamilychantel".

One fan tweeted, "Lydia is crazy she thinks everyone is after her, then making fun of her daughter wow...but lbh that Nicole is the most disgusting person ever she talks about drama maybe she doesn't remember when they threw a temper tantrum about the tv and money on season 1 #thefamilychantel", while another shared, "Lydia talking about Pedro sided with chantel family GIRL IF HE DONT HOW ELSE YALL GON GET MONEY!!! Talkin about “he doesn’t need to come to me” go back to your shack then , cause you gon need him #thefamilychantel".





One fan shared, "What does Lydia know about being a proper wife #thefamilychantel", while another said, "Lidia has A LOT of nerve acting like Pedro did anything to cross the line with her. They walked in looking for all the problems. #TheFamilyChantel".

One fan tweeted, "So basically, Lydia realizes Pedro sees her for the kind of person she is and so she can no longer manipulate him to do what she wants and give her what she wants. Nicole is just a brat who is looking to get her butt whooped. #thefamilychantel", while another said, "I like Lydia a lot, but the stuff she’s saying...#familychantel #TheFamilyChantel".




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