DJ Akademiks calls Brittany Renner 'side chick', Internet calls it 'corny as s**t'

DJ Akademiks calls Brittany Renner 'side chick', Internet calls it 'corny as s**t'
DJ Akademiks has called Brittny Renner a 'side chick' (Photos by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images/Instagram@bundleofbrittany)

DJ Akademiks was all over the Internet a few days ago over his reignited beef with rapper Freddie Gibbs as they exchanged multiple tweets taking shots at each other. The hip-hop content creator was again trending on Twitter on Monday, November 1 after he sat with Brittny Renner for a new episode of his podcast called ‘Off The Record'.

Akademiks, during his conversation, ended up calling Renner a 'side chick' that irked social media users. During the podcast, Renner also addressed the allegations that she trapped her baby father and NBA player PJ Washington. Renner had faced a lot of heat back in August when the rumors swirled that she used the Charlotte Hornets star in order to secure hefty child support. The two dragged each other on social media back and forth after Washington claimed that Renner would not let him see their child.


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DJ Akademiks calls Brittny Renner ‘side chick’

A short clip from DJ Akademiks’ new podcast episode quickly broke the Internet after he dubbed the Instagram star as a “side chick”. Interestingly, the 29-year-old fitness model did not lose her cool and instead asked why he did he call her so. “What makes me a side chick? Is it because I’m beautiful?” To this, Akademiks said, “no, the one who everybody f**ks but doesn’t wife. That’s a side chick. Sorry.” As Renner interrupted the conversation, Akademiks claimed, “You wrote a f**kin' book” referring to her 2018 book ‘Judge This Cover’ where she used codes for the seven men she detailed.

Renner continued the interview saying, “but I was never a side chick”. To this he reverted, “Well, when you write a book about having casual sex and now, one of them claims. You know why men don’t play women cos we have a real girl and we don’t wanna tell about you. You know that.”  Renner, while addressing the PJ Washington controversy, said: “This is what I get so f**king annoyed about is like when do you as men take accountability? You are old enough to ride this ride, you want to f**k with me, you want to c*m in me, you want to f**k me raw, so why are we babying men who make decisions for themselves? Stop acting like someone had to pull the wool over his eyes.”




‘She’s highly attractive, doesn’t need a man to validate her’

“Akademiks was violating brittany renner in this interview I’m screaming”, said one individual on Twitter as many other flocked on the microblogging site. Another user said, “Man this akademiks interview funny asl, Brittany renner getting game from bro tho.” One user shared, “I get what you mean. Brittany Renner rubs men with inflated egos the wrong way because she’s highly attractive, doesn’t need a man to validate her, plus, she plays the field & talks about men in the same manner that a  misogynist speaks about women, and THEY CAN’T STAND IT.”

The next one posted, “This really some corny shit, but everything ak does is corny.” One claimed, “Ak ain’t pulling no punches.” Meanwhile, one asserted, “This Akademiks interview with Renner chick is wild man called her a side chick to her face wtf is going on?” One stated, “I'm crying cause Akademiks wanted to call Brittany Renner a hoe so bad in dat clip lmao”, as another concluded, “Listenin to this dj akademiks brittany renner podcast she lowkey speakin facts.”










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