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'The Family Chantel': Karen labels her children Chantel and Royal's marriage a 'scam', accuses their partners

'There's a scam over here and there's a scam over there,' Karen said about Chantel-Pedro and Royal-Angenette's wedding
Karen and Thomas Everett (TLC)
Karen and Thomas Everett (TLC)

Last week on 'The Family Chantel', mother-daughter duo Karen and Chantel along with the rest of the Everett family in tow attended Royal and Angenette's pre-wedding party. Karen decided to confront Angenette's mother and ask her if she was the one trying to establish contact on Facebook with her brother in the United States. Angenette was there to translate the conversation to Filipino for her mother. After the mother denied the comment, Chantel interrupted saying she must safeguard her password because she feels Angenette was the one using the id to contact her uncle. Angenette was very upset on hearing this and asked Royal to expel his family from the party and also that she didn't want to see them at the ceremony the next day. 

On the day of the wedding, Royal's family went to his room and it was mainly Chantel who spoke and ended it saying that everyone showed up at her wedding despite all the drama and that she'd like to do the same for Royal. The latter didn't harbor any ill-will for his family and wanted to see them at the ceremony but he added a subtle warning that he expected them to not start drama while they were there. 

At the wedding, everything went smoothly and Karen took the onus to thank Angenette's family for hosting them and said nice things about the newly married couple. However, Angenette's family in a confessional to the cameras said that they felt it was completely fake behavior. Angenette too didn't look happy seeing the Everett's at the wedding, however, she chose to respect their presence because they were Royal's family. But she too, like her family said that her courtesy shouldn't be mistaken and that she should not be expected to be okay with everything that the family did or spoke about her in the past, her problems was especially with Chantel. 

Karen too shared the same feelings. "I always do what I think I should...I tried to handle Royal and Angenette in a different way than Chantel and Pedro. These are two different situations but they're very similar because there's a scam over here and there's a scam over there... We don't love the usery. We don't love how things went when we got to the Philippines."

'The Family Chantel' airs Mondays at 9 pm ET on TLC.