Pickaxe parade: Woman robs Rite Aide, threatens staff and fellow shoppers with mattock

Pickaxe parade: Woman robs Rite Aide, threatens staff and fellow shoppers with mattock
Woman equipped with pickaxe robs Rite Aid (screengrab- streetpeopleLA/Twitter)

In broad daylight, this woman dressed in all-black attire casually entered Rite Aid with a pickaxe on her. She grabbed a tray, put everything she needed, and conveniently left the store without any payments. A video shared on Twitter went viral.

In this viral video, the woman is seen dragging a basket across the floor at Rite Aid. The basket was full of merchandise. This event took place on 23 December, Thursday, sometime in the morning.


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The pickaxe was hung over her shoulder and the lady dragged this basket across as seen in the video. As she tried to grab some beauty products or cosmetics, an employee tried to ask her to stop. She angrily replied, "I'm not f*****g around."

Following this, she dropped a spray bottle or deodorant in her basket and yelled, "I don't want to smell like sh** when I'm knocking these b****** out." She is then seen heading towards the door with the basket full of merchandise and her pickaxe. Right before exiting the store, she said, "Don't say sh**. Shut the f*** up. Be quiet and follow suit."



Fortunately, the police department revealed that no one was hurt because of this incident. On the other, the worth of products this female has stolen is yet to be determined by the detectives. As this video went viral, netizens did not shy away from sharing their opinions. 

One user said, "This all a conspiracy, let crime get so bad, that politicians and corporations are begged by the public to introduce crime fighting robots, that later stamp out all dissent of the ruling elite's policies. I am joking, who the hell knows?"


Another shared their thoughts by saying, "Man, I’m so tempted to move back to LA. I thought I could no longer afford it, but it turns out I just needed to act like a complete piece of shit so I could get away with literally anythingggggggg AND free housing?! Sheeeiiitt."


This Twitter user pointed out a fact as they said, "Time to boycott Rite Aid. They're passing that cost on to the paying consumers. They need to respond to the poor law enforcement in that area by closing down or restructuring access to the store before I'll shop there again."


A rather logical argument shared by this Twitter user goes like, "Every person who films nonsense like this and doesn’t intervene is equally culpable. I’m sure it would be so hard to take this “weapon” off this woman."


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