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'The Courtship': Fans root for Captain Kim to be Remy's partner

With the passing of every episode, Danny Kim seems to be a fan favorite for more than just a handful of reasons
Nicole Remy and Captain "Danny" Kim from 'The Courtship' (Instagram - @nicoleeremy, @captaindanielkim)
Nicole Remy and Captain "Danny" Kim from 'The Courtship' (Instagram - @nicoleeremy, @captaindanielkim)

From the minute NBC's 'The Courtship' began, Captain Kim has only been winning over Nicole Remy, her family and fans alike. What's his secret? To start off, the man is very confident about himself.

Let's be real, ladies, that in itself goes a long way. In addition, the way he put across his thoughts and ideas on relationships with the key focus being on his parents (how he grew up watching the love they have for one another) really stood a class apart. To add on, when he spoke about this aspect so candidly to Remy's parents, they couldn't help but respect both his personality and candor. Kim speaks with such openness, it's almost surprising to see how comfortable he is with both Remy as well as her family. There's sure to be some pangs of jealousy amongst the other suitors, for sure! Read on to know what fans think. 


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Here's what fans think of the duo on NBC's reality dating show. One fan said, "Captain Kim . That’s the tweet. #thecourtship #thecourtshipNBC", while another shared, "We Stan captain kim in this house!!! #TheCourtship".

One fan tweeted, "Please keep captain Kimmmmm #TheCourtship", while another said, "Looking for some #thecourtship threads. I have thoughts and I bet you have thoughts too. Let's share some thoughts". 





One fan tweeted, "If Captain Kim goes home, I have a spot on my bed #TheCourtship #TheCourtshipNBC", while another shared, "We need him to stay on this show. #TheCourtshipNBC #thecourtship". 

One fan said, "Yes Captain Kim has a job! And just being in the Air Force is super impressive...tells u so much about a person! I'm not biased... #thecourtship #CaptainKim", while another said, "Captain Kim survives another week!! @TheCourtshipNBC





Does it look like Captain Kim will be the one to win Remy over? Let's wait and watch.

Stay tuned for new episodes of 'The Courtship' every Sunday, at 8 pm ET, only on NBC.

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