'The Cleaning Lady' Episode 9: Thony in jail leaves fans 'excited, nervous, stressed'

'The Cleaning Lady' Episode 9: Thony in jail leaves fans 'excited, nervous, stressed'
Élodie Yung as Thony De La Rosa in 'The Cleaning Lady' (FOX)

Spoilers for 'The Cleaning Lady' Episode 9 'Coming Home Again'

FOX's new show from its 2022 lineup 'The Cleaning Lady' has thrilled viewers with its gripping tale of a mother's perseverance to save her child's life while getting entangled in the crime world, right from its conception.

So it's no surprise that the penultimate episode for the season packed in a punch as well. With Thony being stuck in Mexico and Arman surviving an explosive by the skin of his teeth, the situation was extremely sticky and full of danger. But things don't always go according to plan, so read on to know what happened and how fans reacted to the developments.


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Episode 9 saw Thony (Elodie Yung) attempting to cross the border with fake passports for her and Luca with the help of Arman's contact but as fate would have it things went wrong. The border officer who was supposed to let her through had to leave and Thony gets sent back without Luca and the donor who make it through. If the situation wasn't stressful enough already, it got worse as she was left with no choice but to turn to Garrett for help. He comes to get her, but it'll take a few days as the papers for her need to go through the right channels.

However, Thony can't wait as she serves as Luca's in-house doctor and needs close monitoring as his immune system is weak. While Garrett had initially suggested putting her in the turn sarcastically, they end up actually doing so due to the urgency of her needing to be back home. This attempt goes awry as she gets found out and caught by the security who throws them both in jail. Although Garret assures her its only for a night and that his partner will get them out in the morning, that doesn't happen. In a twist of events the morning sees his partner arrive but not to get her out, but instead get her arrested. Homeland security takes her in for deportation as well as arrests her for multiple charges for helping Arman. The episode was unpredictable, exciting and had many viewers on edge. This is what they had to say about it.

A fan commented, "#TheCleaningLady this show is really good at making your stomach turn every episode. this whole fake passport thing is v unsettling 🤮 just get back home already", while another added, " This episode is verry stressful...anyways, is this show gonna be renewed for the next season or...nah? #TheCleaningLady". A tweet read, "Oh my god, next week is the finale, shit is gonna go down, I’m nervous and excited #TheCleaningLady".

Another fan exclaimed, "WTF IS HAPPENING?! #TheCleaningLady", with a user echoing the same, "Omg 😱 wtf 🤬 this is a f-Ing nightmare #TheCleaningLady". A fan also tweeted, "Can bad things stop happening To Thony already #TheCleaningLady".













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