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'The Cleaning Lady' Episode 6 Preview: Thony's desperation reaches new heights

Luca's need for a new liver tests Thony's limits as the FBI closes in on her and Arman in the latest episode of the FOX drama
Élodie Yung as Thony De La Rosa in 'The Cleaning Lady' (FOX)
Élodie Yung as Thony De La Rosa in 'The Cleaning Lady' (FOX)

FOX's newest crime drama is proving to be a winner with each episode plunging the main character Thony De La Rosa (Elodie Yung) in more danger as she works dangerous jobs of cleaning crime scenes for Arman.

'The Cleaning Lady' previously saw Garrett (Oliver Hudson) threaten Thony with deportation if she doesn't spy on Arman (Adan Canto) for the FBI. Faced with the dilemma of spying on the man who has been helping her regardless of the work she does, she breaks down and tells him the truth. Initially furious we later see the two decide to work together and keep Garrett at bay by feeding him just enough information to keep him satisfied. Here's what to expect from the sixth episode of 'The Cleaning Lady'.


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The preview begins as we see Arman asking Thony to contact Garrett as the FBI is getting closer to ruining a deal. This sees her together with Garrett as she offers him some information. Now we know that she and Arman are working together after she spills the beans about her involvement with the FBI, leading to the two forming an alliance that Garrett doesn't know of. But that's all about to change as he is shown realizing that the two are playing him together. Not a man to easily back down or take the betrayal laying down, we see him decide to play them back as he says, "Game on". Looks like the smart duo isn't that smart and will need to watch their back as their secret has been exposed.

Meanwhile, Thony faces another hurdle regarding Luca's treatment as the ailing child urgently needs a new liver for the transplant in order for the medical trial to work well. More desperate than ever she will be seen trying to procure the organ from the black market. This move is extremely risky but her child's life has been at risk from the very beginning, leading her to take this measure. Enlisting the help of Arman we see the two drive to a desolate place. He warns her of the peril this move poses as we see her get into the back of a van full of people.

But the danger is only rising as we see the FBI force close in with a sting operation that is led by none other than Garrett. Things just went from bad to worse with the preview ending with a sobbing Thony being embraced by Arman. Promising to be a thrill-filled, riveting episode the sixth episode of the series will see Thony make bold choices as her desperation to save her son's life peaks.

'The Cleaning Lady' returns Monday at 9 pm ET on the FOX channel.