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The Boyz 'Maverick': Release date, how to listen and all about thriller-like comeback

After only three months since the release of their last album, members of The Boyz are making a November comeback
Members of The Boyz for the single album 'Maverick' (@creker_THEBOYZ/Twitter)
Members of The Boyz for the single album 'Maverick' (@creker_THEBOYZ/Twitter)

The year has been going really well for fourth-generation K-pop group The Boyz as the members participated in variety show ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’, which started in April 2021. The Boyz made a name for themselves among other prominent K-pop groups here. Soon after their stint on the show, the members made their comeback with their sixth mini-album, ‘Thrill-ing’ in August of 2021.

On October 19, Creker Entertainment, The Boyz’s label, announced that the group was to release its third single album. The Boyz are making a comeback with their third single album ‘Maverick’. The word refers to a person who does not behave or think like everyone else, but who has independent, unusual opinions. With this concept in mind and only five days left for the release of their album, the members have dropped many concept images teasing their comeback.


November comeback for The Boyz, just 3 months after their last album release

The Boyz drop 'Thrill Ride' music video, fans call it the 'most thrill-ing comeback'


Release date

The Boyz’ third single album, ‘Maverick’ will be released on November 1 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).

How to listen

The single album will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Melon and more.

The Boyz in 'Thrill Ride' MV (THE BOYZ/YouTube)


1. Maverick (Title Track)

2. Hypnotized

3. Russian Roulette

The first teaser for the upcoming comeback with ‘Maverick’ reveals the cover of the album. On the cover is a floating bouquet of bright pink flowers. There is a band that looks like a Fitbit or a metallic detonator with the words ‘Maverick’ written on top of it in neon green font. The album reveals lively colors and dreams which are also backed by moody and mysterious undertones. The album comes in two versions, Doom and Mood that also serve as the two concepts of the album.

Members of The Boyz release the tracklist for their upcoming single album, 'Maverick' (@Creker_THEBOYZ/Twitter)


On October 19, the group marked the release of their new single album ‘Maverick’ with the first concept titled ‘Mood’. Each of the 11 members of the group had two portraits each alongside an official poster for each of the members. The members of the group were seen in sports uniforms for school. The twist was, the tracksuits were accompanied by bulletproof vests and bands worn around the necks of each member.

Members of the K-pop group, The Boyz for the single album, 'Maverick' (@creker_THEBOYZ/Twitter)

The teasers gave away thriller action film vibes as the poster had a tagline on it while the second concept titled, ‘Doom’ saw similar posters and concept polaroids in black and white. This concept in particular is very interesting as each of the 11 members was seen with scratches on their face and body, hinting at a tragedy or something very thrilling.

Members of the K-pop group, The Boyz for the single album, 'Maverick' (@creker_THEBOYZ/Twitter)


The Boyz released their first trailer for 'Maverick' on October 25 and fans were actually able to put two and two together. In the teaser video, the first thing fans notice is the line that reads, 'The only rule is to break the rules'. Members of the group are seen leaving in what appear to be cars on a dark night to what seems like a mission.

Members of the K-pop group, The Boyz for the single album, 'Maverick' (@creker_THEBOYZ/Twitter)

The members are all inside an unfamiliar territory with an eerie organ tone playing in the background as the members try to fight for their lives. This teaser reveals movie-like emoting from the members, perfectly in tune with the sinister concept.

Watch the teaser below.