Hunter Montgomery's aggressive snorting DISGUSTS 'The Bachelorette' fans: 'Eliminate him'

Hunter Montgomery's aggressive snorting DISGUSTS 'The Bachelorette' fans: 'Eliminate him'
'The Bachelorette' fans want Hunter Montgomery eliminated for snorting aggressively (Instagram/hmontgomery)

Hunter Montgomery brought his aggressive side out to play as 'The Bachelorette' Season 17 advances towards the hometown dates. As seen in previews last week as well as at the end of the July 5th episode, Hunter looks like he isn't going to leave any stone unturned when it comes to showing Katie Thurston that he intends to walk away being engaged to her. In the process, he is coming off a little too strong for the liking of his fellow suitors and the new episode proved that they've already replaced him as the new villain after Thomas Jacobs was sent home by Thurston at last week's rose ceremony. 

Hunter started off a little slow and kept out of drama in the initial episodes. He is a father and the audience connected with him for his sweet demeanor, similar to how they do with Michael Allio. However, Hunter has more shades to his personality apart from that of the gentle dad that he is. Good for him, we say! But fans of the show as well as the rest of the men in the house have taken up an issue with him and how he handled things at the bash ball group date where he tackled multiple men to the ground in that disgusting unitard with the hearts in the back. We sincerely hope those costumes have been incinerated. Coming back to Hunter, he got trolled really hard by audiences for the way he breathes. Not really for the breathing but the little snort that follows later, the sound of which the producers seem to have purposely left as is. 


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'Eliminate Hunter based on the aggressive snorting alone' 

"There are many reasons why Hunter is completely repulsive, but that DISGUSTING snorting he constantly does, makes this show almost unwatchable. I muted the TV every time he was on, because I do not want to hear someone hocking back snot at full volume, thanks. #TheBachelorette" a repulsed fan wrote. "Was anyone else highly annoyed with hunters snorting every two seconds #TheBachelorette" enquired another. "I swear to GOD if I have to suffer through more weeks of Hunter’s disgusting snorting I’m gonna gag #TheBachelorette" read another tweet by a fan who already wants him gone. "Ugh Hunter. Stop snorting and put your damn tongue back in your mouth. Ew #TheBachelorette" tweeted another fan. "Eliminate hunter based on the aggressive snorting alone #BacheloretteABC #TheBachelorette #Bachelorette" read another tweet by a fan. 








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