Who is Michael Allio? 'The Bachelorette' suitor looks for 'dream woman' after losing wife to cancer

Aside from being the oldest suitor, Michael Allio also has a very interesting back story

                            Who is Michael Allio? 'The Bachelorette' suitor looks for 'dream woman' after losing wife to cancer
'The Bachelorette' Season 17 star Michael Allio (ABC)

Finding love isn't easy and nobody knows that better than former 'The Bachelor' contestant Katie Thurston. The 30-year-old Washington resident's quest for love on Season 25 with Matt James ended with her returning home with a broken heart. Although Matt didn't turn out to be her knight in shining armor, the witty marketing manager isn't ready to give up on love just yet.

So Katie is returning as 'The Bachelorette' on Season 17. This time around she can pick her perfect man from amongst her 30 suitors. From athletes and entrepreneurs, there's plenty of options for Katie to choose from. One of the suitors that caught our attention is 36-year-old, Michael Allio. Aside from being the oldest suitor, he also has a very interesting back story. Read on to know more about Michael.


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Who is Michael Alio?

Michael is a 37-year-old widower from Akron, Ohio. He lost his wife Laura Alio in 2019. His world revolves around his four-year-old son, James. After losing his wife to cancer, Michael has come to the realization that life is short and is ready to find a woman who makes him a better person every day that they are together. He is serious about finding love on 'The Bachelorette'

According to his bio, Michael can make the best Dino Nuggies. He gravitates towards mountains over beaches and enjoys the good old 90s R&B and rap music.



What does Michael Alio do?

He started an organization after his wife passed away. It's called Live Life Like Laura (L4). According to the organization's website their mission is to enrich the lives of people and families battling cancer by supporting organizations that provide financial, experiential, emotional and other assistance during times of hardship.

Through the sales of L4 merchandise and other fundraising activity, L4 donates 100% of its profits to nonprofit organizations that address these needs and enrich the lives of individuals and families fighting cancer. "In 2019, the founder of the L4 Project lost his 33-year-old wife and mother of their son to breast cancer. Laura Allio fought for two years with her family and friends by her side, determined to give purpose to her pain. While fighting breast cancer, Laura remained steadfast in her cause to raise awareness about the importance of being an advocate for one’s health and the served as a constant reminder that one’s outlook and attitude on life plays a key role in the quality of life they lead," reveals the website. "The courage, determination and selflessness that Laura demonstrated throughout her life and during her cancer journey inspired thousands to look inward, gain perspective and make the drastic changes necessary to live a "Life worth Living."



What is Michael Alio looking for in a relationship?

For Michael, it is very important that his partner accepts his son. His dream woman is compassionate, empathetic, resilient and not easily offended. A witty woman with a funny bone and a self-deprecating sense of humor is a huge turn-on for him and he loves when a woman has strong convictions and stands up against ignorance. 



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