'The Bachelor' Season 26: Fans praise Clayton's dad for seeing through his 'bullsh*t'

'The Bachelor' Season 26: Fans praise Clayton's dad for seeing through his 'bullsh*t'
Kelly and Brian on 'The Bachelor' (ABC)

With the finale of Season 26 of 'The Bachelor' finally here, Clayton has to make the all-important choice of picking who he wants to spend the rest of his life with. But it is easier said than done. Seeing that Susie left, Clayton broke the news to Rachel and Gabby and both women were upset about his actions.

While Rachel broke down entirely, she still accepted the rose during the rose ceremony. However, when it came to Gabby, she refused to take the rose and was ready to leave, seeing that she didn't want to be a second choice or have to prove anything. But Clayton begged her to fight for what they had. Gabby agreed, which led to both her and Rachel meeting with Clayton's family.

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Clayton broke the news of his predicament to his brothers and parents, Kelly and Brian. His father did not hold back when it came to calling him out on what he did, reminding him that none of the women wanted to feel like a second choice and that they had the right to be upset. When Brian met Gabby, he told her he respected her wanting to walk away from Clayton, implying that she should put herself first. Even with Rachel, he joked about how he would've smacked Clayton had he been in her place and added that she should be cautious about trusting people, even if it was his own son. Fans were team Brian all the way.

"Me loving Clayton's dad, when Clayton is just so dumb (respectfully) #TheBachelor" tweeted a fan. "It tells you a lot about man when his own dad doesn't trust him #thebachelor" added another. "I want to call Clayton's dad next time I'm sad. He's so nurturing  #TheBachelor" said a fan. "Clayton's dad being like ya Clayton is a moron is quite refreshing #TheBachelor" joked another. "I feel like Clayton's dad is trying to help these girls dodge a bullet? #TheBachelor" noted a fan. "claytons dad sees straight through his bullshit #TheBachelor" said another. 













While fans noted that Brian was 'cool', they also noticed that Kelly and Brian had very different approaches to Gabby and Rachel's choices. "Clayton's dad seemed impressed by Gabby walking out on Clayton but very not by Rachel saying she still trusts him #TheBachelor" noted a fan. "So Clayton's mom respects Rachel for not leaving but Clayton's dad respects gabby for considering leaving… #TheBachelor" pointed out another. 





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