'The Bachelor' Season 26: Cast calls out Clayton for confusing 'love and lust'

'The Bachelor' Season 26: Cast calls out Clayton for confusing 'love and lust'
Clayton Echard on 'The Bachelor' (ABC)

Clayton Echard's season of 'The Bachelor' did not hold back when it came to all the drama. From Claire declaring that she did not like Clayton just moments after meeting him to Shanae terrorizing everyone, there was always drama around the corner. And now, with the Women's Tell-All finally here, the chaos is just amplified.

While Rachel, Gabby and Susie have made it to the top three, it looks like Clayton still owes the other women some answers. And they did not spare him at all.


'The Bachelor' Season 26: Clayton confronts Sara during Women Tell All

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The pressing question on everyone's mind was why exactly did Clayton keep Shanae as long as he did. While Clayton defended him, Lyndsey asked him to 'sit down and own it like a man'. Sierra was highly vocal about the situation. She pointed out that Clayton was confusing 'love and lust' and believed that Clayton was not ready for marriage or to be a husband, even though he thought he was. Fans agreed with her completely. 

"I don't believe the producers convinced Clayton to keep Shanae. His genitals did. #TheBachelor" tweeted a fan. "Sienna is right I do think Clayton can't distinguish between lust and love and maybe that foreshadows how this will end #TheBachelor" added another. "Clayton there was no connection with Shanae and like many of these women, it was down there that had a connection lol #TheBachelor #WomenTellAll" agreed another. "Sierra doesn't think Clayton is ready to be a husband. She must know that from all of those deep conversations she had with him where she talked about all the other girls and made zero effort to talk about anything else. I'm sure she knows him best. #TheBachelor" tweeted a fan.








The Sarah-Clayton drama came up as well, with the pressing question being -- did Clayton cry? Clayton denied having cried with Sarah, stating that although he has no qualms crying and has done so during the season, he did not cry with her. Sarah was caught in a tight spot, seeing that her lie was aired out. While the ladies put Clayton on blast, they did note that he did the best he could, seeing that dating 30 women is not easy.

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