The8 sends heartfelt message to Carats after Seventeen renews contract, fans 'tear up'

The8 sends heartfelt message to Carats after Seventeen renews contract, fans 'tear up'
The8 writes heartfelt message after Seventeen renews contract (@pledis_17/Twitter)

As one of the leading 3rd-gen K-pop groups, fans were eager to see if Seventeen could get over the seven-year curse and stick together. Generally, contracts between artists and K-pop agencies are for seven years. To date, after the contract ends, many choose to leave the agency leading to them leaving the group or the group disbanding altogether. So fans are wary when the seven-year mark gets closer. However, Seventeen fans, Carats don’t have to worry about it.

Seventeen debuted under Pledis Entertainment back in 2015. Since then, they’ve had a successful run with several rookie of the year awards as well as Bonsangs (main prizes) and one Daesang (grand prize). They’ve also received record certifications like platinum and million-selling badges from reputable charts like Hanteo, Gaon, as well as a double-platinum from Japan’s RIAJ. With Seventeen still being at its peak, it would have been disheartening had there been any contract issues.


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Seventeen renews their contract

However, as of July 19, it was announced that all members of Seventeen have renewed their contract with their agency, Pledis Entertainment. As they’re in their sixth year, their contract had not yet expired. However, it was revealed that all 13 members got together with the company to talk about their future. With a clear vision, all parties involved decided to re-sign their contract. Seventeen explained that they all wanted to continue working together as one team through the trust and teamwork that they had built together. They also wanted to keep on bringing new music to their fans and thank them for their love.

After the news was revealed, The8 was the first member to post about it. In his first message, he simply wrote "13" and added a heart emoji. Other members like Mingyu, S.Coups, Wonwoo, Jeonghan, Jun, Joshua, Hoshi, Woozi sent loving messages to Carats the moment fans got to know about the contract renewal. But it was one member’s message that had fans bawling their eyes out.


The8’s message

The8’s real name Minghao started trending as he took to Weverse to then write a second message that was long and heartfelt. In it, he thanked his fans for always being there for Seventeen from the very beginning of their K-pop journey. He also asked Seventeen fandom Carats to continue with their lives and wished that they could grow together side by side. Other members too thanked Carats for being their support system and promised that they’ll always be together.


A Carat tweeted, “Until the last say the name, thank you seventeen! cheers for many more years to come, carats! congratulations.” Another tweeted, “All the members mentioned about us going thorough everything together and seeing each other grow on the process seventeen and carats relationship is what i value the most in this world. we trust each other a lot that's why our relationship grows and blooms more and more.” Yet another Carat tweeted, “Thinking about how joshua, woozi, and minghao are all only children but now have 12 brothers they're spending more years with. I just teared up while typing this.”

One tweeted, “Minghao is literally the sweetest :( this man deserves the whole world and i love him so much aaaa.” Another tweeted, “Minghao’s words bring so much comfort to thousands and i hope he’s getting the same amount of comfort he’s bringing us.” One tweeted, “minghao, never failed me. HIS LONG MESSAGE FOR CARATS. yea, i cried.”







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