Seventeen's Minghao goes bright blonde, Carats go bonkers ahead of Japanese comeback single 'Hitori Janai'

Seventeen's Minghao goes bright blonde, Carats go bonkers ahead of Japanese comeback single 'Hitori Janai'
Seventeen The8 aka Minghao is back in a blonde avatar and Carats can't keep calm (The8/Instagram)

This is not a drill, Seventeen's Minghao has gone back to his iconic bright blonde hair again and Seventeen fans, who are known as Carats, just can’t keep calm! In the latest TikTok update, the K-pop super-group appears to promote their Japanese single ‘Hitori Janai’. In the short video clip, Carats noticed that Minghao aka The8 has dyed his hair back to bright blonde which caused a live meltdown on social media.

Pledis Entertainment's Seventeen is gearing up for their April Japanese comeback with the single ‘Hitori Janai’ which translates to 'I Am Not Alone'. The single will talk about the youth and the dilemmas young people face at the crossroad of deciding for their own lives, the courage and determination that it takes to turn a wheel around and more. The single is dedicated to the young fans of Seventeen who are also facing the same conflicts as the members at this crucial juncture of life.


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Seventeen The8 aka Minghao is blonde now (The8 Instagram)

'Losing mind over 2021 Blonde Minghao'

Minghao, the 23-year-old K-pop star signed under Pledis Entertainment, has had some iconic blonde hair phases including the famous 'Going Seventeen' episode where he appeared with rimmed specs and almond blonde hair. With Minghao going back to a brighter shade of peachy blonde, fans are losing it prior to the comeback manifesting some legendary looks in April.

A fan rightly put, "I cant focus !!!! Mingyu's smile !! Minghao's blonde hair !!! Miss the boys so much @pledis_17!' Another added, "welcome back to this minghao!" sharing stills of the 'Going Seventeen episode. A fan shared, "currently losing my mind over the possibility of seeing a 2021 ver blond minghao!" Another posted, "Rt if you believe in minghao blonde supremacy!'








To add to the celebration, a user has pointed out, "minghao, chan, and seungkwan are blond and jun is grey and jeonghans hair is still red and long and and and MINGYU. THATS FUCKING MINGYU !" referring to Mingyu finally seen with the group, a sigh of relief for the fans.


Seventeen's 'Hitori Janai', the comeback Japanese single of the K-pop supergroup will be released on April 21. Click here for all the latest teaser updates. Stream Seventeen's music below.


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