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Dakota's Steakhouse owner Josh Murray hailed for telling homophobic customer to 'stay at home'

Customer Debbie Eaton's homophobic review stated that she would 'not be back if boys look like women,' referring to their queer server
UPDATED DEC 18, 2021
Dakota's Steakhouse in Hereford, Texas (Trip Advisor)
Dakota's Steakhouse in Hereford, Texas (Trip Advisor)

Dakota's Steakhouse of Hereford, Texas is known to be one of the most friendly and comfortable restaurants in the city. People have often shared that the staff of the restaurant is friendly and the owner is supportive. The owner has now given a sharp reply to one of its homophobic customers. 

After the customer left some offensive remarks about one of the restaurant's staff members in an online review, she got served by the owner's harsh reply in the comments. The customer, whose name is Debbie Eaton, wrote a review on the Facebook page of the restaurant. After leaving a bad review on the page, she said that she will never return to the restaurant ever again if any of the male staff members looked womanly in the way they chose to dress up.


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She wrote, "will not be back if boys look like women with nails painted and are serving people." To make sure that the owners and workers of the restaurant do not ignore this she closed the remark by writing "seriously". 

When one more customer agreed with her, she felt encouraged and spewed more vitriol. She said that the worker had nails even longer than hers with eyebrows that were painted on. She wrote, "makeup wtf Scott came unglued so gross oh and a sparkly choker necklace."

The owner of the restaurant, Josh Murray could not take this and defended his staff on social media. He wrote, "At Dakota's Steakhouse we support our staff 100%. No matter their religion, race, criminal history or sexuality; I don't judge. I choose to provide an opportunity of employment for everyone." 

Facebook post by Debbie Eaton and response by the owner (Credit: Facebook)

He added, "if this offends you then please stay at home. After all, if you could cook Debbie, then maybe Scott would not be looking at his server all night." 

People have been cheering the reply that put the homophobic customer in her place, applauding the way the owner defended his staff, especially his queer server. One of the users wrote, "I love that a business supports ALL people and as a mom of an LGBTQ child and an ally, I would love to come eat at this restaurant. Keep up the amazing work and I bet your staff are amazing." Another user wrote, "Great management who supports their employees. Worth visiting if only act." Another user wrote, "Great team and supportive of their staff against ignorance and bigotry. Well done." 

The user named Terri Hayes Thompson was the only customer who supported the homophobic customer, commenting 'Welcome to America' on Debbie's review post. She later added, "oh I understand," about Debbie and Scott's reaction to their server, before referring to the situation at the restaurant as "Just crazy." 

But overall, a vast majority of those who stumbled across the exchange between Debbie and Dakota's owner were quite supportive of the remarks made by the restaurant owner against homophobia.