Homophobic memes force Millie Bobby Brown to quit Twitter

The actress has become the latest victim of internet bullying after several memes of her started being shared online.

                            Homophobic memes force Millie Bobby Brown to quit Twitter
Millie Bobby Brown (Getty Images)

Millie Bobby Brown, who is best known for her role in Netflix's original 'Stranger Things,' recently became a target of vicious homophobic memes that have been shared all over Twitter.

Even though the 14-year-old did not comment on the situation she decided to stay away from it and has since deleted her Twitter account. Following this, Millie took to her Instagram to share a photo of her which she captioned as "Good Vibes'. 

The photos that were being shared on the social media platform showed photoshopped pictures with homophobic quotes attached to them which were attributed to the actress. This all started because of a 'joke' tweet that was made by one Twitter user back in November. The fan recalled an incident in which she ran into Millie and asked if she could click a photo with her. 

"It's time to share my story," one user tweeted, "One day I saw Millie Bobby Brown in the mall and I asked for a selfie and she said, 'I don't take selfies with f-gs, homo sex is sin' and broke my iPhone X. I couldn't stop crying I'm so ashamed." The user then captioned the tweet along with hashtags "#TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown". However, there were many fans of Millie who were not ready to buy the story. 

Millie has since deleted her Twitter (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images)

One of her fans tweeted, "You're ridiculous and uneducated. How can you sit here and attempt to make someone feel disgusted with themselves when they've done nothing wrong. Where is your proof other than your poorly photoshopped images? I'm. Gay. Therefore I'm not homophobic. Uncultured swine." Following this, the user made it clear that it was all a 'joke' as they replied, "It's a joke calm down princess." 

However, these photos have started to emerge once again. When Pride Month festivities started, the meme started being shared all over again. While some commented that there is nothing wrong with the photos by calling it an "an iconic meme/joke between stan/gay twitter", there were others who felt disgusted to see how low people could fall just for the sake of cracking a joke. 

"The people who made millie bobby brown deactivate should literally feel so ashamed. she’s a child. you literally have no right to go and make memes that aren’t even funny about her. I’m fuming, some people are disgusting," one fan wrote in support of the actress.

While another added, "Y’all aware that your 'joke' about Millie bobby brown can be taken in many ways and it’s gotten to the point where she’s deleted her Twitter. I understand that it’s 'just a joke,' but Y'all need to learn when to stop because jokes can be so harmful sometimes."

In reality, Millie has always been about spreading love and as even stood against cyberbullying and it is a shame that she has to face this.