DaBaby cancels his own 'a**' in joke about homophobic rant

The multi-platinum hip-hop artist took to his Instagram to share his latest project and soon dropped the music video on his official YouTube channel

                            DaBaby cancels his own 'a**' in joke about homophobic rant
DaBaby releases 'Whole Lotta Money' referring to him being canceled (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

DaBaby has been catching a lot of heat from the industry and from social media users from the last few weeks over his homophobic rant at the Rolling Loud Miami festival 2021 but looks like the rapper is still not getting the seriousness of the situation. The ‘BOP’ hitmaker dropped a brand track called ‘Whole Lotta Money’ Freestyle on Tuesday, August 24 where he jokes about being canceled.
The multi-platinum hip-hop artist took to his Instagram to share his latest project and soon dropped the music video on his official YouTube channel. While joking about his latest controversy, the Ohio native opened the video with a huge text that reads, “canceled a**” as he moves on to spit his bars. DaBaby was dropped out of six festivals and his credits were also removed from Dua Lipa’s biggest hit ‘Levitating’ over the controversy.
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DaBaby jokes about being canceled

The 29-year-old hip-hop artist addressed the issue in the lyrics as he raps, “Yeah, whole lotta n***as with Glocks and pistols/Whole lotta hundreds in knots, they Crip blue/N***as think I’m somewhere cryin’ with tissues/Certified, internet or not, I’ll get with you”, as he fake cries in the video. In another para, DaBaby bragged about his wealth and added that he cannot really afford to quit the game. “Really can afford to quit doin' this s**t right now/ When I'm done havin' fun, I'm chillin'/ 2019, I went bought a nine-acre estate 2020, made twenty-two million/ Ni**as gotta be kiddin' (What you do?)/ I ran laps around all of these ni**as, just like Sha'Carri Richardson/ The whole world watchin', they wanna see how he gon' figure it (Let's go)”

The award-winning artist also sheds light on the hate he is receiving as he spits his bars towards the end, “Y'all hatin' a** ni**as gon' pay for this pimpin'/ Pay that, until y'all do that, I lay back/ I ain't even trippin', I'm straight, man/ Ni**a, you could die from the s**t that you talkin' 'bout/ You gotta be careful, boy, why would you say that?/ Why would you risk it? Tough a** ni**as always ready to die 'bout that pride and these bi**hes.” Apart from getting dropped from music festivals, the rapper was also schooled by top global artists like Sir Elton John, Madonna, and his former collaborator Dua Lipa. However, DaBaby recently got support from Hot 97’s Summer Jam as the radio station decided to stick with him. The rapper had returned the favor with an emotional Instagram video as he explained that he never meant to hurt anyone with his comments.




‘He can’t be canceled’, claims DaBaby’s fans

DaBaby’s latest release got thumbs up from the fans as they claimed that it was not that easy to cancel him. One user stated, “DaBaby literally just dropped a song and it’s already at 1.5M views on YouTube and it hasn’t been 24 hours. you weirdos thought he’s cancelled.” Whereas, another shared, “Dababy put out the same flow for his ex record label. Now my G rhyming and flossing. He can’t be cancelled.”
The next one added, “It took dababy getting cancelled for him to finally change his flow i’m crying.” Meanwhile, one tweeted, “Dababy really dragging this cancelled s**t.” And, one user posted, “Wait I thought Dababy is cancelled. Why tf he posted the freestyle and it’s fire too lmao.” While another concluded, “Whoa! Whoa! Listening to Dababy killin' the Lotta Money freestyle n nuh, i ain't gonna miss that cz y'all cancelled him. Let's goooo!!!”