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Stalker clicks NCT Jaemin's pic in studio during online fan-meet, NCTzens suspect 'staff member'

While sasaengs are known to follow K-pop stars on outdoor shoots, Jaemin was clicked inside his own studio, raising immense concern among NCTzens
NCT's Jaemin was stalked while conducting an online fan-meet (NCT Dream Instagram)
NCT's Jaemin was stalked while conducting an online fan-meet (NCT Dream Instagram)

NCT fans are worried about NCT Dream star Jaemin's privacy and safety. Their concerns come after they found out that a stalker had managed to take pictures of Jaemin inside a studio during an 'online fan meet'. Reports suggested that a fansite owner posted a couple of pictures of the NCT member where he is seen talking to fans on a laptop while the photos were taken from outside a window.

Earlier this year, NCT subunit WayV members of SM Entertainment took to social media sites to openly urge users to give them privacy. On January 18, 2021, WayV idols Lucas, Xiaojun and Kun were filming on a site filled with snow for an upcoming schedule of the K-pop unit. Some stalkers, called ‘sasaengs’, reportedly reached the location (not disclosed to the public) and started taking pictures of the K-pop stars. Kun called them out for clicking pictures when the boys were heading to the washroom. Xiaojun shared pictures with the caption "so rude". Lucas had shared, "This is so ridiculous, really. I’m so angry. But I’m sorry everyone, for suddenly being like this.”


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Was Jaemin stalked while filming inside studio?

While stalker fans, known as sasaengs, are mostly seen following K-pop stars on outdoor shoots, Jaemin being clicked inside his studio raises concerns about his safety and privacy. Fans took to social media to express their worry about the star's safety concern. A fan wrote, "Stop following the dreamies and other NCT members. Please learn to respect the artist privacy and most especially during the pandemic their safety is the utmost importance. Don’t you have anything better to do. Also take care cause your also risking your safety!"


NCT Jaemin (Jaemin Instagram)

'Looks like it was taken by a staff member'

NCTzens are now suspecting that SM Entertainment staff members could be the culprits. A fan noted, "Labels should really check their staff cause that looks like it was taken by a staff member. Stalking is not okay and should have consequences for the stalker! If I had a label I would call the police on stalkers & make sure they don't get anywhere near the artists ever again!" Another fan added, "How that can be a fan, staff members are the only one that can be at the same room with them it has to be someone part of the staff there’s no other way!"



An outraged fan said, "Wtf!??? That has to be staff omg sm needs to fire them immediately!! That is so scary!" Another posted, "I guess this is staff . Wow nct really have so many sasaeng fans .. leave jaemin!"



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