Jade Cline decides to cut ties with her parents, 'Teen Mom 2' fans hope she 'follows through'

'Teen Mom 2' star Jade Cline was left in agony when her mom Christy Smith and stepdad decided to walk away instead of helping her after the surgery

                            Jade Cline decides to cut ties with her parents, 'Teen Mom 2' fans hope she 'follows through'
'Teen Mom 2' star Jade Cline (Jade Cline/ Instagram)

Jade Cine's decision to get a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery opened a can of worms that neither she nor 'Teen Mom 2' fans were prepared for. The 24-year-old reality star hoped for her mom Christy Smith and her stepfather to take care of her during the recovery, alongside some support from her boyfriend Sean Austin. While Sean was busy shuttling between looking after her and their daughter, her parents let her down by abandoning her immediately after the surgery.

Jade needed some painkillers after the surgery, so her parents stepped out to bring them for her. While Jade was initially hopeful about her parents taking care of her and supporting her during the painful recovery period, she quickly lost all hope when they failed to show up with the painkillers for hours, while she was in excruciating pain. Considering her parents' history with drug addiction, Jade was disappointed at the thought that her parents might have abandoned her in her time of need and abused her painkillers.


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Unfortunately, although her parents eventually returned much later with the excuse that they couldn't find the painkillers anywhere, things continued to go downhill for the reality star. Instead of relaxing and focussing on her healing, Jade was forced to constantly intervene in the constant fights between her parents and boyfriend. During one such fight, Jade jumped out of her bed to stop the two parties from getting violent and ended up hurting herself

At this point, Briana DeJesus stepped in and took Jade to her place, so that she could recover in a safe and stress-free environment. Staying with Briana and her family gave Jade a new perspective on what a family unit should be like. So after she began feeling a bit better, Jade called up her boyfriend Sean to tell him that she cut off her parents from her life. She revealed that she blocked their numbers and asked him not to let them enter the house. The reality star pointed out how she didn't need them considering they never cared for her. 

When fans saw Jade making the hard decision to cut ties with her parents, they were pleased. A fan tweeted, "Jade, if you’re setting boundaries PLEASE stand firm this time. if not for your sake, your daughter’s. they’ve let you down CONSTANTLY. left you in literal agonizing pain when you needed them most. ‘em loose #TeenMom2." Another fan wrote, "I’m here for removing toxicity family included. #TeenMom2." Another said, "My husband had a mother like Jade's, and once he finally cut ties with her, his life improved dramatically. I feel sad for Jade, but she finally saw just how much they really cared when she needed them the most. #teenmom2."





But fans were a bit skeptical about Jade following through her decision. Many fans pointed out how Jade has said this several times before, but always took back her parents. They hoped that this time around Jade stays firm with her decision to block her parents out of her life. A fan expressed, "Jade yesssss! I hope she follow through because her and chloie deserve better #TeenMom2."

"Jada we here this about your family all the time. as of right now it's a broken record #TeenMom2," pointed a fan. Another fan commented, ""I'm so disgusted about how my parents didn't even pretend to care about my life." Jade needs to MEAN WHAT SHE'S SAYING. Her parents are no help!! #TeenMom2."




Looks like there's some weight to fans being skeptical about Jade cutting ties with her parents, as the reality star recently took to her Instagram to defend her mother. During an Instagram Q&A session, when one of the fans asked about Christy's disappearance with the prescription for painkillers, Jade responded that while she was mad at her mother, she still loved her. She wrote, "You can be mad at ppl and still love them. Of course I was mad about the situation but I wasn’t with her, never thought she completely lied about how long it took to find the meds, just think it wasn’t organized and should have been handled differently. We live & learn.” 

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