'Teen Mom 2': Jade accuses her parents of manipulation after Sean passes the drug test and clears her doubts

'Teen Mom 2': Jade accuses her parents of manipulation after Sean passes the drug test and clears her doubts
Jade Cline (MTV)

Jade Cline and Sean Austin had been having a good relationship, but things took a different turn when her parents revealed he might be consuming drugs again. Jade had her doubts when she found white residue in the bathroom. Jade knew what had happened the last time he started taking drugs and she did not want history to repeat itself. 

While she tried to stay positive about things, she was confused when he said it might be her mother who was taking drugs. Jade's mother has also had a history of substance abuse and at this point, Jade did not know whom to believe. Her doubts were confirmed when her mother, Christy showed Jade a video in which Sean was seen coming into their room and trying to plant a bag of drugs. After watching the video Jade confronted Sean about the video. However, he tried to explain that it is not what had happened. 

The confrontation led to Sean and Jade's father having an argument that soon turned into a fight. Jade was forced to call the police to break the fight. She asked him to leave the house and made it clear she did not want him around their daughter. Sean tried to explain that he had gone to the room to get the charger and had nothing to do with the drugs. 


He was upset to see how things played out as the two had been having a good relationship. Sean decided to meet Jade when her parents were not in the house. Jade asked Sean to take a drug test to find out if he had been taking drugs. The test came out negative and Jade was happy to know he could be there in their daughter's life. 

However, she was not pleased to find out that her parents were manipulating her. Jade also had questions about them being there for her. She had hoped her parents could help her with taking care of her daughter while she was at work, but that did not go as planned. Jade was quick to inform Sean that she wouldn't want to interfere in her parent's life and would like Sean to be close to their daughter. 


However, she asked Sean to stay somewhere else as long as they were there. With Jade and Sean's relationship getting better, will this new situation spoil her relationship with her parents?

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