Teen Mom's Jade Cline posts misleading pic of weight loss through gummy bears, fans slam her act as ‘toxic’

Teen Mom's Jade Cline posts misleading pic of weight loss through gummy bears, fans slam her act as ‘toxic’
Jade Cline (Getty Images)

'Teen Mom' fame star Jade Cline took to Instagram to post a picture of herself in a red spaghetti top holding a bottle of apple cider vinegar gummies that has apparently been helping her to lose weight. “My taste buds are literally thanking me for adding these into my daily routine. These are a game changer and packed with additional benefits, fruity without the bitter⁣, promotes weight management, Supports digestion, Improves energy and complexion⁣,” she wrote for her post.

It was probably not going to make any hype and get ignored like any other paid promotion until another picture resurfaced online. In the second picture, what looks like a screenshot of a video by beau Sean Austin, one can see Jade in the background wearing the same clothes as the first picture, looking strikingly different.

Soon social media was trolling her for putting deceiving pictures and not being proud of the body that she has. “The shape is so odd in the 2nd that I would assume it's been altered. Either way she’s a mom and kids change things about our bodies. No shade from this momma jade is a pretty girl,” comments a user. “Damn that’s crazy I mean no body shaming for me cuz I’m big too but don’t endorse products you don’t use or don’t work you know,” wrote another user. Another called her out saying: "I know she probably only did it for $$$ but it’s really toxic for her to promote these to her audience and photoshop her pics :(("

The 23-year-old Indianapolis mom replaced Jenelle Evans on 'Teen Mom 2' after the latter got fired from the show after her husband shot her dog. Jade and Sean have a beautiful 2-year-old daughter Kloie. Rumor has it that she might be expecting baby number 2. “Woooow Sean did her dirty if she’s not preggo again,” wrote a user on the post.

Another well-wishing fan wrote, “You should be extremely proud of yourself. You are an excellent mom and don’t ever doubt that. I’m just a viewer of Teen mom 2 and I gotta say, I admire you. You will be a success because you are a fighter and love your daughter beyond measure. I’m old enough to be your mom and I wish I could just hug you and tell you how amazing you are and what a role model you are of young girls who have to fight to survive without any meaningful family support. Keep that amazing head on your shoulders and continue to work and do good for you and your daughter. You both need each other and have such a beautiful bond and relationship. This is your chance to carry out with her what you were unfortunately not able to have. God bless you beautiful girl.”


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