T.O.P crops Seungri in new BIGBANG post and OT5 fans are heartbroken

Some fans think the Instagram post is a spoiler for a BIGBANG reunion

                            T.O.P crops Seungri in new BIGBANG post and OT5 fans are heartbroken
T.O.P (L) crops out Seungri (R) while posting a group photo of BIGBANG on Instagram (YG/Naver, @choi_seung_hyun_tttop, @seungriseyo/Instagram)

After five years of hiatus, the iconic boy group has been quite active in the last few months, hinting at reunions and making detective fans lose their mind with every post. And it looks like 2022 could just be the year that BIGBANG finally reunites and has a comeback. However, the road doesn't seem smooth. T.O.P’s latest Instagram post on January 19 has the fandom divided after he cropped former member Seungri from the pic that had other four members of the group.

In 2019, Seungri was embroiled in the Burning Sun scandal, withdrew from BIGBANG and retired. And while he only accepted the violation of the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act, he was found guilty on nine charges like embezzlement, illegal gambling, and enabling prostitution. He has been sentenced to three years in prison, but his innocent stand has some fans still siding with him. And while many international fans believe that he is innocent and was manipulated, we have Korean fans who are against him and have in fact sent protest trucks to YG asking for a 4-member comeback.

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T.O.P’s post a spoiler?

While some OT5 fans are heartbroken that T.O.P cropped out Seungri from his post, everyone is excited as it could very well be a spoiler for a BIGBANG reunion albeit with four members. T.O.P shared a post with the four remaining members and added the caption ‘#ilovemyband #ilovemyfans’. With no special occasion or anniversary happening on the day of the post, fans think it is a spoiler. In fact, they were supposed to reunite at Coachella 2020 and with it getting postponed to 2022, fans expected the K-pop group to be in the lineup. Unfortunately, BIGBANG will not be performing at 2022 Coachella. But that hasn’t dampened spirits. 

In December 2021, when a representative announced the birth of Taeyang’s first child, they shared that the group had got together after 5 years and was working on the next BIGBANG album. G-Dragon mentioned he was working on the album in an interview, Daesung was seen studying English for the group’s world tour, and T.O.P has been seen working with international producers and songwriters who have worked with Linkin Park, Pink, Post Malone, Lady Gaga and more. He also deleted his last Instagram post about his new hair color which had fans speculating if they were getting new looks to film for a music video.

OT4 and Seungri fans clash

An excited fan tweeted, “VIP's been asking for bigbang comeback assurance for the past days, now tabi is giving it to y'all. Atleast we know he loves us still.” OT4 stans made tweets like, “SEUNGRI STANS CAN SHUT UP NOW FINALLY,” and “Not ot5 bigbang stans acting surprise when Top upload ot4 pic on his ig 🤣😂 as expected from pimp supporters lmao.” A Seungri fan commented, “Yeah, whatever, I still support Seungri. It doesn't change anything.” An OT5 fan added, “Yes. They must do what they feel they need to in order to move on. That bond isn’t broken because of a picture. We have to face facts. Seungri retired. They all deserve to thrive. They will always be 5 in my heart but I will support no matter what happens. It’s hard on them, too.”







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