BigBang fans send protest truck to YG Entertainment demanding four-member comeback

BigBang fans have demanded YGE take action to organize the comeback situation of the four-member group using protest trucks outside the label’s HQ

                            BigBang fans send protest truck to YG Entertainment demanding four-member comeback
Fans of BigBang sent their demands to YGE for the four-member group's future activities after 21 months of radio-silence from the label (BigBang/YG Entertainment)

Dubbed as the ‘Kings of K-pop’ the boy group BigBang pretty much kickstarted the Hallyu movement as they spread the Korean Wave internationally. They are one of the most influential acts in K-pop history, inspiring generations of idol groups. From their hit singles like ‘Lies’, ‘Fantastic Baby’, and ‘Haru Haru’ to the viral song that everyone on TikTok is raving about, ‘Bang Bang Bang,’ the K-pop industry owes a lot to the boy band. After all members of BigBang returned from the military, YG Entertainment, the group's label promised the fans a comeback. But they were unable to deliver all thanks to the pandemic putting a halt to life as we know it in 2020.

As the comeback with Big Bang is still pending, even though in-person concerts have started again, it seems fans are done with radio silence from the label. Fans have now sent a protest truck to YG Entertainment's headquarters to demand a BigBang comeback. Even years after their debut, the group is still one of the most-loved boy groups in K-pop history but due to the involvement of the group's former member Seungri in the scandals surrounding the Burning Sun nightclub that resulted in his departure from the group, BigBang went through a rough patch.


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Big Bang's fans question YG Entertainment

The year 2019 marked the time of enlistment for the group's eligible members who returned back safely, leading fans to hope for a comeback in the year 2020. In March of 2020, despite rumors suggesting the band was going to disband, YG Entertainment reported that the four remaining members of the group, namely G.Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, and Daesung had renewed their contracts with the label, promising fans a comeback soon.

On November 29, it was reported that some K-VIP fans of the group Big Bang sent a protest truck to the label, YG Entertainment’s (YGE’s) headquarters in order to seek answers from the label about the progress of Big Bang’s comeback. The message on the truck read, “Big Bang fans demand a comeback from YG,” and the same message was sent around online via the fan union’s social media platforms. The messages on the truck also read, “VIPs are waiting for the stage of the four (remaining) Big Bang members.”

YG Entertainment has posted no new updates about the remaining 4 members of Big Bang together as a group so far since Seungri's removal from the group (Big Bang/YG Entertainment)

Fans demand action

Fans said that the members of the group re-signed with the label with the promise that YG Entertainment would plan a fruitful comeback with the group’s members. But it has been over 21 months since then and fans are understandably restless. K-pop afficinados already know that YGE's reputation has taken a hit ever since it was called out by fans of several groups, including the label’s biggest girl group at the moment, Blackpink, for the label’s lack of promotion for the members as well as their "mismanagement" of the members themselves.

The protesting truck from BigBang's fans not only demanded comeback news soon but also addressed some additional issues. The protest called the label’s attention to malicious rumors and comments against the group, asking YGE to make it clear that BigBang is now a four-member group so that no one associates Seungri and his negative actions with the group. They also wanted YGE to bring back BigBang’s official social media accounts and give fans regular updates like congratulatory messages for members’ birthdays and music videos as well as guarantee BigBang’s long-running, future activities.

The message from the protesting fans read, “The formation and dissemination of persistent and malicious rumors about BigBang are getting worse and this will damage not only the artists but also the fans, so please take legal action against malicious commenters and share the situation and updates of the complaint.”


'YGE doesn't listen unless we threaten'

International fans of the group spoke up against K-VIP’s but one fan noted, “Yg ent. doesn't listen unless we threaten them.” Other fans spoke against this saying, “I also want them to have a comeback. But I respect their decision of not having one. We are just fans, we should respect our idols. They will return if they want too. This group have been through a lot already. Let them live in peace. Learn to wait.” Another fan said, “True fans will wait and respect every BB members decision, if they don't want to comeback now, they won't, longtime fans will know BB wants the best quality of music, and we don't own them, so who are these KVIPs?”

One fan countered, “GD as the leader will have a say on it... Whatever he decides on surely fans has no take on it & will most probably be a group decision. Do they think Bigbang are newbies dictated by the agency? Well thanks for the noise but whatever GD says is what will happen for Bigbang.” One more fan said, “Don't  call them VIP pls...a real VIP think about the members feelings not only as fans who want music. Ji is promoting and they did this sh*t. Always kvip bark and don't think, they only care of music. BB are humans 1st A real VIP support them as 4or5 without doing this sh*t.”






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