‘Back To The Idol 2’: Release date and all about Super Junior Eunhyuk, Monsta X Minhyuk’s show

Monsta X will be the first guests of the dance variety show airing on August 17

                            ‘Back To The Idol 2’: Release date and all about Super Junior Eunhyuk, Monsta X Minhyuk’s show
Eunhyuk and Minhyuk for 'Back To The Idol 2' (@backtoidol/Twitter)

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Monsta X’s Minhyuk first got together to host the dance variety show ‘Back To The Idol’ in 2020. Both of them are known for their impressive performances and stage presence. But other than their dancing skills they also have something else in common. Both have a similar sense of humor and are mood makers. They lighten the atmosphere in whichever variety show they appear in. And that was one of the charms of the show.

We had the likes of Pentagon and ONF appear on the show where they danced to iconic songs like 2PM’s ‘Heartbeat’. The theme of season 1 was to have idols dance and compete with each other by dancing to songs that had such catchy hooks that one couldn’t get it out of their head after listening to it once. In South Korea, they were dubbed as forbidden songs that one should not listen to while giving the SATs like SHINee’s ‘Ring Ding Dong’. And now the show has been renewed for a second season. 

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Eunhyuk and Minhyuk for 'Back To The Idol 2' (@backtoidol/Twitter)

'Back To The Idol 2' first guests

Fans are excited to see what kind of songs will be covered in the new season. The show’s Twitter also added a poll for fans to vote which songs would be covered by the guests. Fans rushed to vote as we saw songs like Roo’ra’s ‘3! 4!’ and Seventeen’s ‘Very Nice’. From the polls, it seems like the show will focus on few popular songs from each decade starting from 1996.

The first guests of Season 2 are none other than Monsta X. While Shownu is currently serving in the military, we’ll have the rest of the members appearing on the show with Minhyuk and Eunhyuk MCing the episode. Looks like the third-gen group is busy as they also supported Jooheon and Hyungwon’s first episode as DJs for 'Idol Radio'. Here’s when 'Back To The Idol 2' will air and how to watch it.


Release date

‘Back To The Idol’s’ Season 2 will air weekly starting from August 17 at 9 pm KST (8 am ET). Behind-the-scenes footage will be released a week later at 5 pm KST (6 am ET) and certain clips will be released at 7 pm KST (6 am ET).

How to watch

Fans can watch and stream the show on Seezn’s app. 
The behind-the-scenes footage and performance clips will be released on MBC K-pop’s YouTube channel.


MBC K-pop released two teasers where we see the hosts Eunhyuk and Minhyuk wear vintage outfits and dance to popular first-gen songs by the likes of H.O.T and Shinhwa and second-gen boy groups like 2PM.
Watch the teasers below.




They also released a video of Eunhyuk and Minhyuk reminiscing about season 1. They also played couple games to see if their energy would continue to match while they hosted Season 2.


'Hella chaotic'

Fans are excited for the show as they tweeted, “This will be hella chaotic.” A Monbebe added, “OMG i almost forgot today's the first ep of back to the idol 2 with monsta x!!!!” ELFs also loved that Eunhyuk’s time on the show could also be seen in his other activities, “I think it’s probably cuz he’s an mc of shows like weekly idol & back to the idol, eunhyuk now loves dancing to idol songs.”




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