Sunmi's agency Abyss Entertainment takes 'strict legal action' against online insults

After the singer was attacked online, Sunmi's agency has taken legal action against malicious commenters and issued a notice to all haters

                            Sunmi's agency Abyss Entertainment takes 'strict legal action' against online insults
Singer Sunmi's agency said they will engage in follow-up measures as well as self-monitoring (@miyayeah/Instagram)

On October 13, Singer Sunmi’s agency, Abyss Entertainment, professionally known as Abyss Company announced that they have taken strict legal action against all the accounts on social media that posted hate speech, malicious comments, personal attacks, and insults to anyone on their artist, Sunmi’s social media handles.

Back in August of 2019, the label issued a public notice that said that in light of the recent events where one of their artists, Sunmi, was subjected to online hate comments and baseless rumors, Abyss company would take legal action.


To make the process easier, the agency provided fans with an email address where they could send reports against haters. Sunmi responded to post from her agency with clapping emojis.


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Abyss takes legal action against haters

On October 13, Abyss Company posted an official statement with regards to the notice they posted in August 2019. The statement read, “Based on the notice posted in August 2019, we have taken strict legal action against the posting of malicious comments such as malicious comments, personal attacks, and insults.” They also added, “We have recently confirmed a number of acts of writing malicious posts accompanied by insults.”

Abyss mentioned that any malicious acts that infringe on Sunmi’s personality have been reported in order to protect the rights and interests of their artists. They said that they are now planning to take strong legal action so that trolls pay a price. The label mentioned that they will continue to pursue such strong follow-up measures by receiving reports from fans as well as self-monitoring for all their artists.


Sunmi expresses her pain

On October 11, Sunmi took to Twitter to express her hurt about haters talking about her recent appearance on Mnet’s survival show ‘Girls Planet 999’. In a series of tweets directed to fans, she asked as to why she is being hated on by them and what exactly did she do wrong.

Sunmi said, “What did I do so wrong? What should I do now? Is it because of the judging criteria I talked about in episode 1?” Sunmi defended her actions on the show as a judge after continually getting attacked for them online despite no fault of her own, she went on to say, “Until now, while monitoring, I tried to tell a story so that more people could relate to it.”


Fans show support to Sunmi

Fans showed Sunmi the support that she needs by posting positive comments under her tweet. One fan said, “I'm also one of the audience who are disappointed by some of your decisions, but I know you're doing it for good intentions. It's okay. people who know you don't need an explanation to trust you and people who hate you won't listen to anything you say.” One more fan said, “You’re doing a good job sunmi!!! please don’t listen to what they all say.”

One confused fan asked what was happening to which another fan responded, “She is receiving a lot of hateful messages because of the planet999.” One fan posted a long message in support saying, “These people will say the same stuff to every judge no matter what. They don't want criticism they want their faves to make it even if they were bad. You had a job and you did your job marvelously from the first episode just like your other Co-workers on that show!” Another fan said, “These people just want a reason to attack you because they're not mature enough to understand that girls need to be corrected, but you haven't done anything wrong, hope you know that and remember that. you're just doing your job and you've been working really hard on the show.”