Sunmi's '1/6': Release date, concept and all about K-pop star's third mini-album

Sunmi's '1/6': Release date, concept and all about K-pop star's third mini-album
Sunmi goes all retro for '1/6' (@miyaohyeah/Twitter)

Turning heads as she transforms into a fashion icon, Sunmi released her new mini-album ‘1/6' on August 6 along with a music video for the title track. The K-pop star wowed fans as she went all out for the retro concept for the album. '1/6' is Sunmi’s third mini-album after 'Warning' that was released in 2018. 

Sunmi last released a full length album, 'Tail', in February of 2021. With ‘1/6' releasing in August - a month which sees a plethora of K-Pop comebacks, fans are excited to see Sunmi as one of the ‘Mean Girls’ in the music video for the title song, ‘You can’t sit with us.’




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Release date

The album released globally on August 6, 2021 at 6 pm KST along with the video of the title track, ‘You can’t sit with us’, that released on YouTube


How to listen

The album was released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.


1. ‘You can’t sit with us’
2. ‘SUNNY’
3. ‘1/6'
4. ‘Call’
5. ‘Narcissism’
6. ‘Borderline’

‘You can’t sit with us’ is the title track of the mini-album and was written by Sunmi and composed by Melanie Fontana, Michel Schulz and Ross Golan. In this song, not only does Sunmi display her amazing vocals but also makes jaws drop with her smooth rapping skills.




Sunmi has been no stranger to the retro concept. Debuting with Wonder Girls in 2007, she has appeared exploring the concept with the group. She recently revisited the trend earlier in 2020 with her city pop “Pporappippam”, as well as with JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young for their collaboration ‘When We Disco,’ which embraces ’80s dance trend as well as Korean trot genre.


Music video

‘You can’t sit with us’ appears to be filmed in a retro video rental shop where Sunmi initially appears to be browsing through records before a zombie apocalypse. The music video cuts the bill for the concept with retro fads like a telephone, posters on pink walls, old computers, cars and flip phones. Fans were thrilled to get a movie-like experience as she has guns in both hands and she kills the zombies moments before getting proposed to by her lover.


Watch the music video below


No one is doing it like Sunmi

Fan’s took to Twitter to express their feelings about the song. Fans praise her by saying, “Literally no one is doing it like sunmi oh my god LOOK AT THE MATERIAL" and “Sumi being the standard yet again.” One fan thanked her for saving them, “Lets all thank sunmi for saving us from the zombie apocalypse.” And another stated, “Sunmi is a server she loves to serve.”











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