Stray Kids single 'Mixtape: OH' takes boy band to No 1 spot on a Billboard chart for first time

Billboard announced that Stray Kids' ‘Mixtape: OH’ had ranked at No 1 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart

                            Stray Kids single 'Mixtape: OH' takes boy band to No 1 spot on a Billboard chart for first time
Stray Kids earlier went as high as No 2 with the EP ‘Mixtape’ and their first music show winning title track ‘Miroh’ (Twitter)

Stray Kids has been making waves all over the world since their debut in 2018. From winning 13 Rookie of the Year awards in their debut year to winning ‘Kingdom’, one of the fiercest survival shows of 2021, Stray Kids are on top of their game. Even their 'Kingdom' finale track, 'Wolfgang' charted on several huge music charts including iTunes and Billboard. Looks like they’re on a winning streak with their latest achievement being for their mixtape single on a Billboard chart.

In K-pop, a mixtape is usually different from the artists’ album tracks. It is a single that is released as a part of a project with no promotional period. Artists may sometimes mention it in interviews but it is mostly for their fans rather than a capitalistic opportunity for the label. Stray Kids has such a mixtape project, where the members get together and release songs that they liked for their fans. Their latest single was ‘Mixtape: OH’ which was special for several reasons.


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Stray Kids for 'Mixtape: OH' (Twitter)

Stray Kids breaks record on Billboard

In the first half of 2021, Hyunjin had gone on a hiatus due to certain allegations and it had been months since fans had heard from him. He was finally cleared of all rumors and JYPE announced that he would be resuming his activities with the group. Not only that, his first song after the hiatus was ‘Mixtape: OH’ which made fans emotional. Along with him returning, the track also charted on Billboard.

Since before their debut, Stray Kids has had their songs enter several of Billboard’s charts. They have gone as high as #2 with the EP ‘Mixtape’ and their first music show winning title track ‘Miroh’. They have also entered the songs chart of Billboard 26 times. But ‘Mixtape: OH’ broke their own record as even Billboard congratulated them.


'Mixtape: OH' enters chart at #1

The track was released on June 25, 2021. Days later, on July 6, Billboard announced that ‘Mixtape: OH’ had ranked at #1 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart. It is Stray Kids’ first track ever to top a Billboard chart. The chart focuses on 25 best-selling digital tracks from all over the world.

It should be noted that the track was released without any prior announcement and fans were completely surprised. It is also not an album track nor is it attached to any kind of comeback. It was also released on a Saturday and that meant they had less than a week to catch up with other songs from all over the world. Despite that, fans went all out to hype it by streaming and charting the song on several charts. It is also Stray Kids' 13th track to enter in the top 10 ranks of the chart.

Fans are over the moon as one tweeted, “The power these boys hold of being able to get a song to #1 on one of the Billboard Charts with no teaser, promotion and just a surprise drop. @Stray_Kids are amazing.” Another tweeted, “Mixtape OH wasn't even their comeback song than too they got No.1 on billboard!! STRAY KIDS WORLD DOMINATION.” Another fan tweeted, “Do you realise how big this is?? bc ‘Mixtape : 애’ had no promotion! and it’s on no.1 billboard charts!! stray kids world domination!” One fan tweeted, “They really said FIRST.”





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