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Stray Kids 'Maxident': Release date, tracks, concept, and all about the max accidental comeback

With 8 total tracks, the lead single, 'Case 143', subunit song '3Racha', Stray Kids' seventh mini-album will also feature the Korean version of 'Circus'
The boy group Stray Kids promises a chaotic comeback with their "maximum accidental" EP, 'Maxident' that will release with eight tracks (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)
The boy group Stray Kids promises a chaotic comeback with their "maximum accidental" EP, 'Maxident' that will release with eight tracks (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: The fourth gen of K-pop has very few self-produced groups and Stray Kids have made a name for themselves in this category. From being in charge of the production of most of the JYP Entertainment boy group Stray Kids' songs, the production unit of SKZ, 3Racha is now getting an eponymous track in the group's upcoming album, 'Maxident' that will be released in the days to come. Wordplay and Stray Kids have now grown synonymous with each other as one comeback after the other, the boy group comes up with one innovative title after the other.

The boy group has shown their creativity with their recent releases like ‘Hellevator’ — a combination of “hell” and “elevator” or 'Christmas EveL’ — a combination of “Christmas Eve” and “evil" as well as their last full-length album 'Noeasy’ which was a combination of “noisy” and “easy” and their last comeback with 'Oddinary' that was a combination of "odd" and "ordinary". Now, Stray Kids' new mini-album, 'Maxident' promises a similar wordplay with words like "max" and "accident" which signifies an accident of the maximum kind that fans are looking forward to witnessing.  


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Stray Kids' 'Maxident': Release date, versions and how to pre-order 7th mini-album


Release Date

Stray Kids' seventh Korean mini-album, 'Maxident' will be released on October 7 at 12 am ET (1 pm KST).

How to Listen

The min-album 'Maxident' from Stray Kids will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn, and more.


1. 'Case 143' [Title Track]
2. 'Chill'
3. 'Give Me Your TMI'
4. 'Super Board'
5. '3Racha' (3Racha unit)
6. 'Chase' (Dance Racha unit)
7. 'Can't Stop' (Vocal Racha unit)
8. 'Circus' (Korean Ver.)

The album includes the title song 'Case 143' which will be a testament to Stray Kids' self-producing quality with the group's producer trio - 3Racha made up of leader Bang Chan and rappers Changbin and Han Jisung. The album also includes unit songs featuring the three main subunits of Stray Kids as the track '3Racha' features 3Racha while the track, 'Chase' features Stray Kids' Dance Racha members, namely, Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix. Finally the track, 'Can't Stop' is a subunit track from Stray Kids' Vocal Racha unit featuring maknaes Seungmin and I.N (Jeongin). Moreover, Stray Kids' viral Japanese single, 'Circus' will also be released in a Korean version in the upcoming comeback album, 'Maxident' from the boy group. 



The boy group has yet to release concept photos for their upcoming album, 'Maxident'. We will be sure to update this section when new concept photos from Stray Kids are dropped. 

Stray Kids for 'Maxident' (JYP Entertainment/YouTube)
Stray Kids for 'Maxident' (JYP Entertainment/YouTube)


The label JYP Entertainment released the album trailer for Stray Kids' upcoming mini-album 'Maxident'. The trailer starts with all eight members of Stray Kids walking around downtown, New York as they live their free-spirited and carefree daily lives. Members of the boy group are dressed in black and white rugged gothic clothes as they embody a much more mature self than their past comebacks.

The trailer hints that something big has happened as the boys answer a mysterious phone call which suddenly changes the atmosphere of the scene. As the trailer comes to an end, fans see an unidentified heart monster as Stray Kids' relaxed daily lives are turned into chaos, after a maxident. Watch the trailer for Stray Kids' seventh mini-album, 'Maxident' here.


Music Video

The music video for 'Case 143', the title track from Stray Kids' 'Maxident' will be released on October 7 at 1 pm KST (12 am ET).