Stray Kids' 'Maxident': Release date, versions and how to pre-order 7th mini-album

Stray Kids' 'Maxident': Release date, versions and how to pre-order 7th mini-album
Stray Kids for 'Maxident' (JYP Entertainment/YouTube)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Stray Kids are not letting fans breathe as immediately after their successful world tour 'Maniac', they are set to make a comeback with their seventh mini-album 'Maxident'. While fans were enjoying the post-world tour content like 'SKZ-Talker Go'and the special Seoul concert, JYPE suddenly announced on September 6 the pre-orders for 'Maxident'.

2022 has been a busy year for the boys as they signed with Republic Records to branch out in the US. Stray Kids also dropped their record-breaking mini-album 'Oddinary' which made them the third Korean act to top Billboard 200 after they crossed 1.5 million sales. Following its success, we got the Japanese EP 'Circus' and the surprise release 'Mixtape: Time Out' to celebrate the fourth anniversary of their fandom Stay. Well, here's everything about Stray Kids' upcoming album 'Maxident' and how to pre-order.


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Stray Kids for 'Maxident' (JYP Entertainment/YouTube)
Stray Kids for 'Maxident' (JYP Entertainment/YouTube)

Release date

Stray Kids' 'Maxident' will be released on October 7 at 1 pm KST (12 am ET).

Pre-order dates

Pre-orders for 'Maxident' begins on September 6 at 12 pm KST (September 5 at 11 pm KST).

Where to buy

Fans can buy the standard versions and the limited edition version on Yes24.

The album on Stray Kids Shop includes a random signed photocard by a member.

The standard and limited edition albums are also available on the JYP Shop, Ktown4u and Target.

It is also available on Soundwave along with a random exclusive glitter photocard.

Album versions

There are 2 standard versions of 'Maxident' -- The 'T-Crush' version and the 'Heart' version. There is also a special Limited Edition Go. version.

Stray Kids for 'Maxident' (JYP Entertainment/YouTube)
Stray Kids for 'Maxident' (JYP Entertainment/YouTube)


The standard signed albums on the Stray Kids Shop are $32.

The albums are ~$12 on Yes24, Soundwave and JYP Shop.

It is $25.99 on Target which includes a random exclusive photocard.

It is $13.08 on Ktown4u.

Album inclusions

The album includes a photobook (1 for each standard version), CD, lyrics paper, photocards (random 2 out of 24), mini poster (random 1 out of 8) and face sticker (random 1 out of 8).

The Limited Edition Go. version also includes a mini folded poster (random 1 out of 8) and a 4-cut photo.

The pre-order benefits include a photo pack of a polaroid photocard and a love letter (random 1 pack out of 8) and a folded poster (1 for each standard version).

Stray Kids for 'Maxident' (JYP Entertainment/YouTube)
Stray Kids for 'Maxident' (JYP Entertainment/YouTube)


Stray Kids announced their comeback with a fun trailer for 'Maxident'. While fans were not sure if they could top their previous one 'Maniac', the boy group surprised everyone. Shot in USA while on their world tour, Stray Kids are seen enjoying their different concert stops in the 'Maxident' trailer surrounded by a calm instrumental. Dressed in black leather and dark makeup, they channel their inner bad boys which is a stark contrast to the piano melody.

We finally get the plot twist as the music changes to a heavy EDM beat as they mess around a convenience store and play around in the streets. At the end of the trailer, they get a phone call from someone trying to send a code before giant hearts fall from the sky.


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