Stray Kids make YouTube records with ‘Thunderous’, ‘Maknae On Top’, Hyunjin’s ‘AOTM’

'Thunderous' is also the fastest music video by a fourth-gen boy group to cross 100 million views

                            Stray Kids make YouTube records with ‘Thunderous’, ‘Maknae On Top’, Hyunjin’s ‘AOTM’
'Thunderous', 'Maknae On Top' and Hyunjin's AOTM video make YouTube records (Stray Kids/Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)

Stray Kids is flying high with their latest album ‘NOEASY’ and its title track, ‘Thunderous’, and it doesn’t look like they’re coming down any time soon. Even though the album was released months ago, they continue to dominate the K-pop scene. The boy group is finally getting the recognition they deserve from winning the fierce survival show ‘Kingdom’ to making a million sales of their album. They have also been charting domestically and globally on charts like iTunes and Billboard. And now, they are making YouTube records.

Stays (Stray Kids’ fandom) have been quite well-fed this comeback with almost every track of ‘NOEASY’ getting a music video. We have also been getting music videos for the project ‘SKZ-Player’. Additionally, the members are also busy with solo gigs with Felix landing solo magazine photoshoots, Hyunjin being selected as Studio Choom’s ‘Artist of the Month’ and Seungmin getting his first solo song -- the OST for the popular K-drama ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’. It should be noted that on top of all that, Stray Kids also had a Japanese comeback with the single ‘Scars’.

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'Thunderous' is the title track of the album 'NOEASY' (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)

‘Thunderous’ fastest 4th-gen boy group MV to hit 100 million

Stays knew that the ‘Thunderous’ music video was going to be a hit when it crossed 10.7 million views within the first 24 hours of its release. It broke several personal records like the fastest Stray Kids music video to cross 20 and 30 million YouTube views. Well, Stays have more reason to rejoice because ‘Thunderous’ has become the fastest music video by a fourth-gen boy group and the fifth Stray Kids music video to cross 100 million YouTube views on October 18.


I.N's ‘Maknae On Top’ crosses 20 million

On the same day, while Stays were celebrating the ‘Thunderous’ achievement, another music video made a record. It has been reported that I.N’s ‘Maknae On Top’ featuring Bang Chan and Changbin has surpassed 20 million views. It should be noted that this is the first music video of the ‘SKZ-Player’ project to reach this milestone. This achievement is extra special for fans since this is the youngest member’s music video.



Hyunjin’s ‘AOTM’ has the highest debut with 2.9 million views

We also have the already iconic performance of Hyunjin’s ‘AOTM’ making waves a day after its release. The Stray Kids member was selected as Studio Choom’s ‘Artist of the Month’ for October and released a performance video of Post Malone’s ‘Motley Crew’ on October 16. Well, it became the most-watched performance video of the ‘AOTM’ series in the first 24 hours as it crossed 2.9 million views. And on October 18 it crossed 3.8 million YouTube views.


'So proud'

Excited fans have been trending phrases like ‘AOTM’, #MaknaeOnTop_20MViews #SKZ5TH100MVIEWS to hype up the achievements. Stays were touched by Hyunjin’s reaction, “I’m still crying over hyunjin’s reaction to him finding out his AOTM surpassed 2M views, he was quick to thank stays for it.” Another fan posted, “Honestly miss the era where everyone is doing maknae on top edits with their group’s maknaes. the real maknae on top! 20 million!” One tweeted, “Happy 100 mill to thunderous! throughout this ENTIRE comeback, skz have demonstrated nothing but hard work and dedication! the accomplishments you’ve gained is crazy! skz million seller, 6 wins, and now 100 mill views! thank you for everything you do for STAY! we’re so proud.” Another added, “The fact that hyunjin aotm 3 million thunderous 100 million and maknae on top 20 million all happened on the same day is so hot omg.”






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