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Stray Kids' Hyunjin wears all-black suit in set photos, fans say he's K-pop 'standard'

Hwang Hyunjin looks dapper in all-black suit, fans at a loss of words
Hyunjin of Stray Kids posted a few photos from a shoot location (@realstraykids/Instagram)
Hyunjin of Stray Kids posted a few photos from a shoot location (@realstraykids/Instagram)

When it comes to K-pop fans, hyping up the artists they love is not something new as fans keep showering idols with love ever so often. Every single day, Twitter is full of trends that have fans praising their favorite idols as they make up a new hashtag or trend a phrase. Members of the K-pop group Stray Kids are one of the most sensational fourth-gen groups at the moment with Stays (their fandom) increasing in number by the minute.

After winning variety performance 'Kingdom Legendary War' where they competed against five other second, third and fourth-gen groups like Ateez, BTOB, iKON, SF9, and The Boyz, Stray Kids released their second full-length album 'Noeasy'; they created quite a storm with their title-track, 'Thunderous', taking multiple wins at music shows and breaking Stray Kids' own records in terms of sales, charts, and view counts for music videos.


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Hyunjin makes a powerful return

Stray Kids had hit a bit of a hurdle earlier in February of 2021, when a sudden wave of bullying accusations hit K-pop and many idols were put under fire as supposed "victims" of the actions of idols came out with their stories. Hyunjin of Stray Kids had to take some time away from the group. In July of 2021, he made a comeback as rumors died down and fans supported him throughout the alleged scandal.

With his performance of 'Play with Fire', Hyunjin broke the internet once again after his return as he danced to the soulful track giving it his all and fans found it hard to breathe given his sultry gaze as he danced while the sensuous track played in the back. As soon as 'Noeasy' was released fans started talking about the tracks on the album.


Hyunjin is turning into a sensation

The track 'Red Lights' garnered a lot of attention from fans as Hyunjin and Bang Chan performed the song in a special music video that again took over the internet. From what it seems, Stray Kids' Hyunjin is growing up to be a powerful man with a strong presence on the internet, unlike the cute teenager that he was. After the almost erotic performance Hyunjin teamed up with the leader of Stray Kids, Bang Chan, on 'Red Lights.'

Weeks after the release of the song, Hyunjin is here again breaking the internet just like every other day. On October 6, Hyunjin posted a picture of himself in an all-black suit, with a Yves Saint Laurent brooch on his chest, as he sat on a couch at what fans assumed was a set location as he posted pictures and mirror selfies from the day.

Fans comment on Hyunjin's photograph calling him adjectives like expensive, standard of Kpop, and more as he posts photos in all black (@realstraykids/Instagram)

'Mr Hwang Hyunjin?'

Fans knew it was serious business that Hyunjin suddenly wore all black and stunned them with his visuals. They quickly took to Twitter to express their feelings but were mostly at a loss of words as they started addressing him with the prefix, "Mr" and calling him the standard in K-pop. One fan plainly asked, "Who is the standard in kpop and why is it hwang hyunjin?" Another fan stated, "Hwang hyunjin is THE STANDARD." One more fan pointed, "Hwang hyunjin looking expensive." One fan inquired, "Can u let me breathe?" And another requested in all caps, "HWANG HYUNJIN CALM DOWN. PLS LET ME BREATHE."

Fans also were at a loss of words and just said, "Hwang hyunjin, the man that you are." One awestruck fan said, "HWANG HYUNJIN ?\??\\??_]>]^]*]*]€€]€]" Fans started addressing him as Mr. Hwang Hyunjin other than his first name, Hyunjin as they said, "I'm obsessed with Mr Hwang Hyunjin." One fan got threatened by Hyunjin looking dapper as they said, "This is not right Mr. Hwang, i am calling 911. HWANG HYUNJIN." One fan complimented him saying, "Nope but Mr. Hwang Hyunjin really proved that he slayed every hairstyle. He's so handsome."