Is Stray Kids singing the 'Deadpool 3' OST? Ryan Reynolds' tweet has fans hopeful

Is Stray Kids singing the 'Deadpool 3' OST? Ryan Reynolds' tweet has fans hopeful
Ryan likes a tweet about Stray Kids singing the OST for the next Deadpool film (@Stray_Kids/Twitter, @realstraykids, @deadpoolmovie/Instagram)

No one is as relatable as Ryan Reynolds who says and does what is on his mind including publicly showing his love for K-pop. The K-pop industry has practically adopted the Hollywood star as he often claims he is the 10th member of EXO, has shown his support for Hyuna and BTS, and is now in the most adorable friendship with Stray Kids and their leader Bang Chan. In fact, he roped in Chan for the Korean press junket of his last film ‘Free Guy’ and it looks like the K-pop group might have something to do with his next Deadpool film.

While no release date has been announced for 'Deadpool 3', we are getting more and more spoilers and insider info from Ryan Reynolds himself. While promoting his latest Netflix film ‘The Adam Project’, Ryan Reynolds is looking to make the impossible happen in 'Deadpool 3' as he wants Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in it and the director to be 'Free Guy’s Shawn Levy. And his next request seems to be Stray Kids singing the OST (original soundtrack) for the new Deadpool movie, according to his Twitter.

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Ryan Reynolds likes a tweet about Stray Kids

While fans stalk Ryan Reynolds online, it seems he stalks Stray Kids. Stays (Stray Kids’ fandom) were surprised when they noticed that the actor had liked a tweet that hadn't even tagged or mentioned him. On March 9, user @MischievousChan tweeted, “I'll do anything to see skz do a ost for a marvel film specifically a deadpool movie.” Within 10 minutes, before it even had any retweets and only four likes, Ryan Reynolds liked the tweet, which has led to Stayville exploding.


‘Omg manifesting’

Stays are making all kinds of theories with the end result being Stray Kids on 'Deadpool 3’s OST album. We first had fans thanking OP for making the tweet in the first place, “GOOD JOB BESTIE.” Meanwhile, others were surprised with the way Reynolds immediately noticed it, “Ryan found this tweet with only 4 likes and no one even tagged him??? omg what goes on.” One Stay joked, “OH MY GOD HE’S SO DEEP INTO STAYVILLE HELP.”

Another tweeted, “IF THIS EVER HAPPENED I WOULD NOT SHUT MY MOUTH FOREVER. I’ll brag around my entire neighborhood.” One fan posted, “Omg manifesting.” Another Stay added, “You know that ryan reynolds is also a producer of deadpool, so ryan reynolds liking tweets about skz deadpool soundtrack...... (it gives me more delusional feelings).” One shared, “I have a good hopeful feeling about this.” Another wondered, “Ryan reynolds sitting there searching keywords on twt ‘deadpool skz ryan chan’.”









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