Starship rookies IVE top charts with 'Love Dive' despite tough competition from BIGBANG

Starship rookies IVE top charts with 'Love Dive' despite tough competition from BIGBANG
IVE breaks personal records with their first comeback (@ivestarship/Instagram)

While there's no doubt that YG Entertainment’s second-gen monster group BIGBANG’s comeback has shaken up the K-pop industry, with fans of the boy group making sure that the comeback song, that came after four years, becomes a local favorite.

IVE, on the other hand, are rookies from Starship Entertainment, which is why when it was announced that BIGBANG was going to make a comeback on the same day as IVE ie April 5, Dives (fans of IVE) were worried that the six-member girl group would not be able to better the record they had set with their debut single, ‘Eleven’.

IVE released ‘Love Dive’, their second single album, and dedicated it to fans as a thank-you gift for the massive success of their debut single. IVE not only topped charts with their debut but also became not only the first girl group from the fourth-gen of K-pop but also the only girl group to have the most number of music show wins, all thanks to fans. Now as IVE makes their first comeback only four months since their debut, ‘Love Dive’ topped the charts despite fierce competition from BIGBANG’s single.


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IVE’s ‘Love Dive’ proves to be a success on charts

As soon as ‘Love Dive’, the second mini-album from IVE was released, the girl group recorded sensational results as the song took the top spot on various platforms. With ‘Love Dive’ being placed at Number 2 on Bugs, Number 7 on Genie as well as Number 9 on MelOn’s real-time charts, the single album also recorded 120,000 copies sold on April 5 in terms of first-day sales. This sales record became IVE’s new personal best score proving that the group’s local popularity has been phenomenal.


Not only on charts, but the music video for ‘Love Dive’ recorded more than 10 million views under 10 hours of its release on YouTube and the song appeared on the Trending page, showing IVE’s relentless upward graph. ‘Love Dive’ surpassed 13 million views only 24 hours after its release, a new record compared to their debut single ‘Eleven’ which had 9 million views 24 hours after its release.


More records broken by IVE with 'Love Dive'

With ‘Love Dive’, IVE also recorded one of the highest unique listeners on MelOn for a song released in 2022 within the first 24 hours of its release. IVE ranked at number five on MelOn for ‘Love Dive’ and recorded a total of 233,135 unique listeners. Other than that, the single ‘Love Dive’ ranked as one of the highest idol group songs from 2022 to debut on MelOn’s Daily Chart at Number 2 after BIGBANG’s ‘Still Life’, showing the girl group’s rookie power in the K-pop industry. 


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