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Forbes mentions IVE after the group charts on Melon within 3 days of debut

The K-pop group IVE made their debut last week and within 3 days of their debut, the six-member group has charted on the Melon 24hits chart
The K-pop group IVE made its debut on December 1 and within three days since their debut, the group was recognized for their hard work by Forbes Magazine (@IVEstarship/Twitter)
The K-pop group IVE made its debut on December 1 and within three days since their debut, the group was recognized for their hard work by Forbes Magazine (@IVEstarship/Twitter)

Among the many groups that debuted in 2021, IVE is now proving itself by breaking records within days of debuting in the K-pop industry. IVE released their debut single, ‘Eleven’ and on December 4, only three days after their debut on December 1, the group has entered Melon’s 24-hour hits chart, becoming the fastest girl group to do so soon after debuting. Other groups who have charted in record time are aespa and STAYC. While aespa charted on the same chart from Melon in 10 days after their debut, ​​STAYC did so in 162 days.

But it's not all good news. The group also received some flak over the last few days after IVE was called out and criticized for copying EVERGLOW’s signature hand gesture to introduce themselves. Forevers (fans of EVERGLOW) took to Twitter after IVE released press conference photos from their debut conference. On December 3, Starship Entertainment, IVE’s label, announced that the group will now have a new hand gesture. The official statement claimed that the agency, as well as the group’s management, were not aware of the similarities between the two groups' official hand gesture greeting. Starship Entertainment said that this error will be rectified in the future and added, “We sincerely apologize for the matter, and will be more careful to not let this happen in the future.”


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IVE gets Forbes’ attention

On December 4, within three days of their debut, the K-pop group IVE have pulled off a successful debut by selling 120,000 copies of their debut album on the Haneto Chart. Since the spread of Hallyu, it is becoming easier for groups to be acknowledged internationally, and IVE from Starship Entertainment is proving this point.

Forbes posted an article about IVE on December 4 with the title, “IVE's Debut: The Numbers Behind The New K-Pop Girl Group Boasting Global Potential” and is focussed on the numbers the group can boast about, earning the title of being 'monster rookies'. The author of the article noted how the success of IVE is multifold as they are a group coming from the label that manages other big groups in the industry like Monsta X, Cravity, and Cosmic Girls, among many others.


It was noted how IVE was not built overnight and the members have been preparing for years. The author also noted that the group had surpassed 3.9 million views with their intro video alone. The article also noted how IVE’s debut single, ‘Eleven’ entered the real-time Korean charts. The six-member group has two former members of the, now disbanded group, IZ*ONE. The inclusion of Yujin and Wonyoung has added to the star-power of the new group promising more successful releases in the future.