'Star Trek: Picard' Season 2 Episode 4 Review: SHOCKING return makes endeavor interesting

'Star Trek: Picard' Season 2 Episode 4 Review: SHOCKING return makes endeavor interesting
Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard in 'Star Trek: Picard' Season 2 (Paramount+)

The ongoing season of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ has reached an interesting juncture as we are seeing all the characters getting their own stories and it was bound to happen because every member of the team is doing their own bit to save the future. In the previous episode, we saw Rios (Santiago Carbrera) taken into custody by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). He was not alone and a woman named Teresa, who helped him by treating his injuries, was also taken into custody.

Meanwhile, Jurati (Alison Pill) got connected to the Borg Queen and received some really critical information. It’s time for them to find the Watcher as well as Rios and that’s what the latest episode is all about. Raffaella (Michelle Hurd) and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) are still trying to find out about Rios, however, what they don’t know is that their friend has been taken into a detention center and will be transported to a facility near the border. As soon as they get to know that, Raffi takes control of a police vehicle and hacks the computer. Seven of Nine takes control of the steering and they steal the car to find Rios.



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Viewers are going to love the scene where Raffi and Seven of Nine steal a police car to find Rios. It’s genuinely funny and the way Seven of Nine drives the car will give you the adrenaline rush you wanted. The camaraderie between the two actors is brilliant to watch and the entire conversation they have during that scene was funny and crisp. So, it brought some respite from all the serious stuff that’s been happening on the show.


Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine and Michell Hurd as Rafaella in 'Star Trek: Picard' Season 2 Episode 4 (Paramount+)


On the other hand, we see a surprise character making a comeback on the show. So, Picard also goes out to find the Watcher and ends up meeting young Guinan, who doesn’t know him. At first, he is hesitant to tell his name, but he eventually tells him that his name is Jean-Luc Picard and in the future, she is his best friend. Picard also tells him that she should not give up on humanity because everything gets better in the future.

Well, in reality, everyone (including me) is hoping that humankind behaves better in the future. Now, coming back to the show, Guinan is now intrigued and takes him to the Watcher. She tells him that he is looking for a “supervisor” who is also known as the Watcher. Guinan reveals that there are numerous supervisors peppered through the galaxy and assigned to protect the destiny of certain individuals.


Young Guinan meets Jean-Luc Picard in Episode 4 of 'Star Trek: Picard' (Paramount+)


Picard gets to know about the supervisor’s powers when we see multiple individuals getting controlled by the powerful being. He reaches the other way of an underpass and sees a lady standing. He asks her if she is a friend of Guinan. The lady turns and we see it’s none than LARIS. Is Laris the Watcher? Maybe, she hasn’t said a word as of now and the way she looked at Picard, it seems they need to talk about some really important matters.

She opens a gateway and they vanish.

The introduction of Laris is absolutely brilliant and will bring back nostalgia for people who loved her character during Season 1. It will be interesting if Laris helps Picard in achieving what he wants to because they don’t have much to time save the future. Apart from this epic ending, one storyline that’s really intriguing is of Jurati and the Borg Queen. Since her connection with the Queen, Jurati has seen some things that she’ll never be able to forget and Queen believes that Jurati felt the “assimilation” and how powerful it is. But it seems, Jurati has betrayed the Queen when she asked for her help with the transporter. She said that Queen can have her if she helps her in getting transporter her and she does the same. But, Jurati limits her access in return and leaves her, showing what Queen said about her was true. She (Jurati) is really cruel.


Alison Pill as Agnes Jurati in 'Star Trek: Picard' Season 2 (Paramount+)


The tension between them makes the series even more appealing and it will be interesting to see how Borg Queen responds to that. Whenever she assimilates with someone, it leaves a mark on them, so I’ll not be surprised if Jurati is not quite herself in the coming weeks.

Elsewhere, Rios is being taken to another facility and his friends are on their way to help him. But his story seems to be telling a bigger story and it’s about the plight of the immigrants and how they are treated. He tries to stand up for them, but the police have the authority to do anything and the officer shows that by using a taser on him.


Orla Brady as Laris in 'Stark Trek: Picard' Season 2 Episode 4 (Paramount+)


The latest episode takes the show into an interesting direction where viewers get to see individual stories and that’s where the show excels. We hope, the show doesn’t take a step back now and continues to give us moments that are worth watching.

Also, it seems Q has lost his power. So, Picard meeting Laris is in fact a good thing.


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