Netflix 'Somos.' Full Cast List: Meet Jero Medina and stars of true-crime Spanish series

'Somos.' is award winning prodcuer James Schamus' first foray onto the small screen

                            Netflix 'Somos.' Full Cast List: Meet Jero Medina and stars of true-crime Spanish series
Jesus Sida stars in 'Somos.'(Netflix)

'Somos.' on Netflix by award-winning producer James Schamus, a long-time collaborator of filmmaker Ang Lee, focuses on the shocking true incident that took place in the small town of Allende in Mexico. Hundreds of residents experienced the horrors of the Los Zetas drug cartel torching and killing innocent people after a DEA operation went wrong. Schmaus said in English, the phrase ‘Somos’ requires two words: “We are” or “We exist.” But in Spanish, one word says it all. "I asked if we could add a period after the title so that it reads as an assertion, and not just a title," he shared.

The cast of 'Somos.' interestingly includes both professional and non professional actors. Let's now meet the cast of the film inspired by the explosive investigative article by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ginger Thompson. In case you enjoy Spanish content on Netflix, then perhaps you may enjoy the series 'Who Killed Sara' and 'Elite'. For those who enjoy tales of true crime then perhaps 'The Serpent' and the docu-series 'Murder by the Coast' will also be a good watch. 


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Mercedes Hernandez stars in 'Somos' (Netflix)



Mercedes Hernandez as Dona Chayo 

Prior to her role in 'Somos.' Mercedes Hernandez was known for her roles in films such as 'Las Aparicio', the film 'Dos Veces Tú' which focusses on two women who exchange their husbands for fun, but a fatal accident goes on to create new, strange relationships. She most recently starred in the film 'Identifying Features', in which a mother travels across Mexico in search of her son who authorities claim has died while trying to cross the border into the United States.

Mercedes Hernandez stars in 'Somos' (Netflix)


Jero Medina as Benjamin

Jero Medina is known for his role on the TV series 'Narcos: Mexico', which follows the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel. He played a American DEA agent who learns the danger of targeting narcos in Mexico. He is also known for his performance in the short film, 'Manos De Oro' which centres around a former mechanic who attempts to regain his identity, after months of struggling with crippling arthritis.

Jero Medina stars in 'Somos.' (Netflix)


Caraly Sanchez as Flor Maria

Caraly Sanchez is known for her roles in TV series like 'La Bandida' and 'Tres Milagros' and 'Coyote' that follows how a Border Patrol agent Ben Clemens finds himself helping people he has always tried to keep out of the United States.

Caraly Sanchez stars in 'Somos' (Netflix)


Jesus Sida as Paquito

Jesus Sida is one of the several actors who is a part of 'Somos.' The actor along with Natalia Martinez who plays his wife Aracely in 'Somos.' are a part of the whole host of non professional actors in the film. 

Jesus Sida and Natalia Martinez star in 'Somos.' (Netflix)


Who are the other stars?

The other stars of 'Somos.' include Jimena Pagaza, Jesus Herrera and Iliana Donatlan. 


'Somos.' is created by James Schamus. Episodes 1,2,5 and 6 has been directed by  Álvaro Curiel  while Mariana Chenillo has directed episodes 3 & 4. The screenplay is by Monika Revilla, Fernanda Melchor, James Schamus based on 'How the U.S. Triggered a Massacre in Mexico' written by Ginger Thompson for ProPublica. 'Somos.' begins streaming on Netflix on June 30. Catch the trailer below.