Netflix 'Somos.': Air time, plot, how to stream true-crime series

Netflix 'Somos.': Air time, plot, how to stream true-crime series
'Somos.' stars Natalia Martinez and Jesus Sida (Netflix)

'Somos.' which soon streams on Netflix is award-winning producer James Schamus', first foray onto the small screen. Schamus who is a long-time collaborator with acclaimed filmmaker Ang Lee and has produced films such as 'Brokeback Mountain' and 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon', brings the six-episode series, based on the explosive investigative article by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ginger Thompson to the screen. Ginger Thompson’s ProPublica investigative report ‘How the US Triggered A Massacre in Mexico’, incorporates stories and testimonies of dozens of people who experienced the horrors of the Los Zetas drug cartel torching and killing hundreds of innocent people, when a DEA operation goes wrong. 


'Somos.' includes both professional and non professional actors and a largely female crew. Schamus in an interview to Variety shared why he chose an almost completely female crew saying, “Ginger Thompson’s report was made possible because of the bravery of the women who stood up and made sure these stories were told. It was really important to keep the DNA of these voices and to make sure they were amplified by women creators in every step of the process." As for the name Somos. Schamus explains the significance of the title saying, “In telling the story, we have two core objectives: to make visible the people our culture often works to erase from our perceptions and memories, and to affirm our co-existence with them. In English, the phrase ‘Somos’ requires two words: “We are” or “We exist.” But in Spanish, one word says it all. I asked if we could add a period after the title so that it reads as an assertion, and not just a title.” If Spanish language content, interests you, then you may be interested in other Netflix series such as Spanish film 'Black Beach', 'Elite' and 'Who Killed Sara'



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'Somos.' stars Jesus Sida (Netflix)

Release date

'Somos.' begins streaming on Netflix on June 30.

Air time and how to live stream

'Somos.' will stream on Netflix on June 30 at 3 am EST. You can also watch the series by signing up for the platform’s free trial. Apart from that, viewers can also opt for different subscription plans provided by the streaming giant. A premium plan that allows more people to watch the service on different screens simultaneously, costs $18 per month. Meanwhile, the basic US plan costs $9 per month.



According to a Netflix synopsis, 'Somos.' is "inspired by the explosive investigative article by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ginger Thompson, Somos. imaginatively recreates the stories of the people of the small town of Allende in the days leading up to a shocking massacre. Created by James Schamus, and co-written by Mexico’s Monika Revilla and Fernanda Melchor, Somos. tells the story of the drug wars from the victims’ perspective, giving voice to those whose lives were changed forever when, without forewarning, their town was struck by a tragedy triggered by a DEA operation gone wrong. 



Everardo Arzate

Arzate is an acclaimed stage actor who has been directed by some of the best theatre directors in Mexico. His film work includes 'Morenita' and 'Solo Quiero Caminar' as well as several short films. He has also been a part of an earlier Netflix production, 'Colosio, Historia de un Crimen' directed by Natalia Beristain and Hiromi Kamata.


Everado Arzate stars in 'Somos.' (IMDB)

Areli Gonzalez

Prior to 'Somos.', Areli Gonzalez is known for her roles in the TV series 'Paramedicos' which follows the lives of three paramedics new to their challenging jobs. She is also known for her role on the series 'La Dona' and 'Monarca', a show that deals with a family's tequila empire. 


Areli Gonzalez stars in 'Somos.' (IMDB)


The trailer of 'Somos.' shows through fictional characters, how the build-up to the horrific massacre in the town of Allende occurred. It gives a voice to the many lives that were lost in this cruelty. 



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