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EXCLUSIVE | 'Who Killed Sara?' star Alejandro Nones says he never expected such success, hints at darker Season 2

'Who Killed Sara?' star Alejandro Nones spoke to MEAWW about the upcoming season and noted that the viewers are in for a surprise
Alejandro Nones has revealed he never expected success (Instagram/@alenones)
Alejandro Nones has revealed he never expected success (Instagram/@alenones)

Season 1 of Netflix’s crime-thriller ‘Who Killed Sara?’ has been undoubtedly one of the best foreign-language shows in recent times. The show was packed with thrilling sequences and an engaging storyline. On the other hand, Manolo Cardona (Alex Guzman), Carolina Miranda (Elisa), Ximena Lamadrid (Sara Guzman), and all the other actors kept the viewers at the edge of their seats with their riveting performances.

However, it was Alejandro Nones’ portrayal of Rodolfo Lazcano that managed to captivate the minds of people throughout the season. Nones began his career by playing supporting roles in various TV shows and movies. After some really good performances during the initial part of his career, he started getting the recognition he deserved and played the roles of the main antagonists in shows like ‘Paison y Poder’ and ‘Amar a Muerte’.


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In reality, he is one of the nicest people to work with and always keeps on smiling. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with MEAWW, Nones tells us about the show’s global success, his character, what kind of relationship he shares with his co-stars, and a possible Season 3 of ‘Who Killed Sara?’

The first season of ‘Who Killed Sara?’ turned out to be a massive success for the actors and became the most popular foreign-language show on the streaming platform. According to a report, a total of 55 million subscribers watched the show in the first 28 days of its release. Talking about the show’s worldwide success, Nones revealed that he is overwhelmed by people's response to the show and never thought the series will get so much love from the viewers. 'Who Killed Sara?' went on to become the number one show in more than 44 countries.

Alejandro Nones plays Rodolfo Lazcano in 'Who Killed Sara?' (Sergio Ramirez/@serch_ramirez)

He added, “While shooting the show, I was pretty sure that there was something special. But I thought that it was special to me and my career. Of course, I was expecting it to be a success but not of this magnitude. This is such a crazy thing, but I am really happy that it happened.”

Season 2 will be ‘darker and grittier' than the first

People are eagerly waiting for the second season to arrive on Netflix and finally get the answers to all their burning questions. Speaking about the upcoming season, Nones said that viewers are in for a surprise this time around and it is a lot darker than the previous edition.

“When I was shooting the first three episodes of Season 2, whatever we thought about what was going to happen, they (writers) threw that away. There are so many things that we did not expect. The writers did an amazing job in creating the story and people are constantly questioning who really killed Sara?” he added.


Nones describes his character as ‘intense and full of guilt’ 

Nones plays Rodolfo Lazcano in the series who is stuck between the past and the present and is not able to forgive himself for what happened with his on-screen girlfriend Sara (Lamadrid) 18 years back. The actor opened up about his character and discussed why Rodolfo is so insecure about his own identity.

“Rodolfo is a deep, intense character filled with guilt. He grew up in a family where his father is a dictator and he has spent almost 18 years living with the guilt that he was responsible for his girlfriend’s death. So, this character, according to me, doesn’t want to live and is dead from the inside,” Nones added.


He also explained that it was hard for him to express the feeling of guilt and depression on the show and there were times when he would go back home with a lot of ‘tension’ about what was happening with Rodolfo. “I had to work hard for showing the true feelings of my character. He (Rodolfo) is suffering and talks with no air. That was really demanding and I always ended up being really tired after the shooting because of the tension.”

What kind of relationship does he share with other actors?

‘Who Killed Sara?’ sees Nones sharing amazing chemistry with his on-screen siblings Carolina Miranda (Elisa Lazcano) and Eugenio Siller (Jose Maria “Chema” Lazcano). When asked what kind of relationship he shares with them in real life, Nones said that he is really lucky to have such wonderful people in his life.

He added, “I didn’t know Carolina before the show, but right now we are brother and sister in real life as well. I love her so much. And not just Carolina, I share a beautiful relationship with everyone on the cast, especially Gines who plays my father Cesar Lazcano. The energy between all of us was really special.”


Is there a possibility of Season 3?

With Season 2 around the corner, discussions of having a third season have already begun. However, according to Nones, the viewers will decide if there is going to be a third season or not. “The audience will decide if there is a third season or not. I believe, whatever happens in Season 2 makes a way for the third one. I really hope that we do the third one,” Nones said.

What’s next?

The actor is currently working on a show which is set in the early 1900s. Nones revealed that he is really excited about the show and can’t wait for the world to see it. Viewers around the world will be able to see the series next year on Netflix.

‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 2 arrives on Netflix on Wednesday, May 19. You can check out the trailer here.