Netflix 'Elite' Season 4 Ending Explained: Who attacked Ari? Was it a jealous Guzman?

Ari is the daughter of the new principal at Las Encinas school and she is at the center of a messy love triangle

                            Netflix 'Elite' Season 4 Ending Explained: Who attacked Ari? Was it a jealous Guzman?
Carla Diaz plays Ari in Season 4 of 'Elite' who finds herself in a messy love triangle ([email protected])

Spoilers for 'Elite' Season 4

Three's a crowd and that certainly seems to be the case with the sensuous new girl in school Ari Commerford (Carla Diaz), the daughter of the new principal on Season 4 of 'Elite'. While Ari initially has her sights firmly set on Guzman Nunier (Miguel Bernardeau), his on-off equation with long-distance girlfriend Nadia Shana (Mina El Hammani), leads to Ari also noticing Samuel García (Itzan Escamilla) and vice versa.

By the time Guzman has called it quits for good with Nadia and is free to explore a relationship with Ari, it seems that her attraction to Samuel has already set in. The love triangle then becomes messy as Guzman becomes increasingly territorial and Samuel retreats further and further, frustrating Ari with his inability to fight for her. Things come to a head when Guzman discovers that Ari has been sleeping with Samuel behind his back, but Ari is still unable to choose between the two.


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At a New Year's eve party, Ari is extremely drunk and disturbed by her uncharacteristic indecision and emotional state. We see her messaging someone saying that she didn't know what she was thinking and can they meet her by the pier. It's unclear if the message is for Samuel or Guzman. But it's not Ari's messy love triangle that finally leads her into trouble.

She suddenly spots her younger sister Mencia (Martina Cariddi) in a heated argument with Armando, a friend of their father and also Mencia's client when she took to high-end prostitution briefly. But it seems that Armando now wants complete control of Mencia and is blackmailing her saying he will tell his father about how she has been earning her money. Ari rushes to protect her sister and says that she will call her father and tell him about what Armando is doing and destroy his reputation as a respected businessman forever. Armando then lunges towards Ari and hits her. Just then Guzman arrives on the scene and sees Ari being attacked by Armando.

Ari asks Guzman to follow Armando who makes a run for it. Guzman does just that, but instead of just catching Armando, after a heated scuffle ends up killing him. He then goes back to the New Year's Eve party bruised and battered to see if Ari has made it back to the party. Samuel, in spite of his recent differences with Guzman, asks him what has happened and Guzman shares the horrific events with Samuel and Rebeca (Claudia Salas). While Guzman initially wants to go straight to the police, Samuel and Rebeca convince him not to.

They then help Guzman to dump Armando's body in the water surrounding the pier. In the meantime, while Guzman has been in pursuit of Armando, Ari has tried to stand up and move away from the spot where Armando attacked her. But because she was inebriated, she falls into the water surrounding the pier and no one notices that she has gone until later. Ari ends up in the hospital in a critical condition with no memory of how she got there.

While Samuel and Guzman are initially suspected of having attacked Ari, the truth soon comes to light that they had nothing to do with her injuries. When Ari finally is conscious again, Guzman frees her to pursue a relationship with Samuel, since he feels Samuel is the one Ari really loves. He doesn't share with Ari that he has killed Armando, who the police are still searching for. At the end of the finale, we see Guzman getting away from it all by taking a trip away with Ander Munoz (Aron Piper). But is it just a matter of time before the police connect Armando's murder to Guzman? Will Samuel and Rebeca then be taken in as accomplices to the crime? Fans will now have to wait till Season 5 to see what lies in store for Guzman, Samuel and Rebeca.

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