'sMothered' Season 3 Full Cast List: Meet panty-swapping Amy and Carina and rest of the mom-daughter duos on TLC show

'sMothered' Season 3 Full Cast List: Meet panty-swapping Amy and Carina and rest of the mom-daughter duos on TLC show
Angelica and Sunhe, Dawn and Cher, Cristina and Kathy in 'sMothered' Season 3 (TLC)

'sMothered', the television show on TLC premiered in 2019, leaving everyone shocked with how far the featured mother-daughter duos were taking things in terms of their relationship. Children are bound to be close to their mothers, more so daughters, but this series believes in pushing the boundaries and how. It's amazing when parents act like your friends, but going on double-dates and visiting jiggle joints could be pushing it way too far for many. However, the 'sMothered' duos do not seem to care about this. 

Right from showering together, sharing bathwater to licking their daughter's face like a puppy​, the show features a number of cringe-worthy moments that will have you burying your face in your palms. 'sMothered' Season 3 is out soon and it's bringing back three returning mother-daughter duos from Seasons 1 and 2. Along with them, the honchos at TLC have also recruited three new duos who will now contribute to the weirdness that is basically the network's brand now. Here's some intel on this cast that will surely leave you shocked. 


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The cast of Season 3 of 'sMothered' which will premiere on May 31, 2021 (TLC)

New duos

Amy and Carina 

Amy and Carina not only share a closer than normal bond but the two are also crazy animal-loving women, who share 11 pets between them including two Great Danes and eight ducks. Amy realizes they are too co-dependent on each other and that this may be the reason why both of them are unable to have functional relationships. This duo from Hawaii share a bed, take showers together and share everything including their panties. Catch this panty swappers duo on the new season of 'sMothered' and watch out for them as their relationship might undergo a metamorphosis as one of them realizes what they share isn't as normal as it seems.


Karla and Rykia 

Have you seen the part in the trailer of the new season where a butt-naked woman is plopped on all fours while another woman seems to be helping her with something? Well, it's the mother-daughter duo Kayla and Rykia and the latter has been helping her mom with a Brazilian wax forever. Rykia's brother Rasheed is one of the many people who believe the relationship his mom and sister share is inappropriate. In fact he is so repulsed that he's yet not introduced his girlfriend to them because of the fear that she might find them revolting. "As new developments happen in Karla's life and her childrens, she tries to hold on to her bestie and keep everything the same," the press release from TLC states. 


Lisa and Lauren 

Okay, brace yourselves for this one. These women do not believe in boundaries and FaceTime each other all the time including the time when they are in the bath. They wax each other's mustaches and Lauren believes in sleeping at her mother's house all the time, leaving her wife Laura Leigh alone. But things get bizarre as Lauren inseminates her daughter at home, without the knowledge of her wife. Things are about to go down as Leigh finds out that her wife took a huge step towards building their family that they've been waiting to have for two years, without her knowledge. 

Lisa and Lauren from 'sMothered' (TLC)

Returning duos 

Sunhe and Angelica 

In their previous outing on the show, Sunhe wreaked havoc with her daughter Angelica's love life with her now-fiance Jason. Angelica and Sunhe continued to sleep in the same bed despite Angelica being in a long-term relationship. Things started to go downhill after Jason didn't invite Sunhe when he proposed that Angelica move in with him. 

To top this, the mother-daughter duo also believed in sharing bathwater and if that's not weird enough, Sunhe insisted on being a part of everything that involved Angelica. This included Jason's impending divorce with his estranged wife, which Sunhe insisted she wanted to attend. While there, she subjected Jason's ex-wife to a bevy of strange questions which also included if she still loved him. Jason's mother is about to become a part of the mix this season and the added pressure will leave Angelica thinking if she even wants to be married to Jason. 


Kathy and Cristina 

This Italian mom and daughter believe in doing everything together — discussing their sex lives, planning and executing wild and over-the-top parties such as the Easter egg hunt with 1,200 eggs. Cristina also had a specific request in the previous season where she wanted Kathy to undergo breast surgery so that they could have matching breast sizes and could share clothes without any issues. She also brought her husband Carlos into the conversation, asking him outright about what he felt about her mother's breasts. 

In the new season, Cristina becomes a business owner overnight after Carlos decides to quit the family pizzeria and turn into a pizzaiolo himself. Kathy and Kristina are now pulled apart but the former tries to find ways to insert herself into her daughter's life with no regard for Carlos's wishes. 


Dawn and Cher

The identical Kathy and Cristina from Season 1 of 'sMothered' are reunited in Florida after spending months apart because of the pandemic. Not wanting to be without her daughter Cher and her granddaughter, Dawn hatches a plan to be together by convincing her son-in-law Jared Gopman to let Cher and Belle stay in Florida with her. What will this mean for Gopman and Cher's relationship? We'll find out in this season.


'sMothered' Season 3 will premiere on Monday, May 31, at 9 pm ET on TLC. 

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