'Find some dignity': 'Sister Wives' fans troll Meri Brown for 'pathetic' response to Kody addressing her

'Find some dignity': 'Sister Wives' fans troll Meri Brown for 'pathetic' response to Kody addressing her
Internet slams Meri Brown for her comments about Kody on the latest episode of 'Sister Wives' (TLC)

The latest episode of 'Sister Wives' was explosive as Kody Brown took a jab at Christine. The latter broke the news of her moving out in a week during the Sunday, November 13, episode of the TLC series. Kody was joined by the rest of his wives, Meri, Janelle and Robyn. After Christine broadcasted her next move, the rest of the wies had some thoughts and Meri, in particular, was not happy with Kody's response. However, the internet roasted Meri for her reaction. 

The latest episode of 'Sister Wives' got intense with back to back comments. During the group's conversation, Kody claimed that Christine was never present for the family. He said, "She quit loving me years ago. Now that we’re here, I’m just so upset. It’s not the breakup of two people. It’s the breakup of a family." On the other side, Meri had her own comments prepared. She said, "It stings when he says that because it’s directed at me, probably. When Janelle came into the family, I was jealous. I was young. I was not yet fully mature. We just — we’re dea ling with a lot of new situations. He’s like, ‘Oh, let’s get Christine to come and save the day.’ That stings." Viewers were not happy with Meri's comments.


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Fans roast Meri Brown for comments on Kody Brown

One user wrote, "What I don't understand is why does Christine leaving Kody "delegitimize" their family according to him but the fact that he basically considers Meri his ex does not?? Because SHE decided to leave HIM? He is so egotistical and delusional #SisterWives" Another user wrote, "So, this #SisterWives episode. Geez. Meri is just a disappointment. Robyn is self-absorbed and inserts herself into places she has no business being. Kody is an a**. Plain and simple."



One user wrote, "Meri you heffa this man has treated you like hot garbage for years and now you're taking his side. FIND SOME DIGNITY! #SisterWives" Another user commented, "The way Meri sat there smug is sad. She’s in the same boat as Christine, just a different model. Instead of giving support, she sat in judgement to gain the favor of people who could give a damn about her. It’s painful to see her pander like this & still be rejected. #SisterWives"



One user tweeted, "Meri has a lot of damn nerve. Her and her catfish could have gotten the entire family axe murdered and she fixes her mouth to say Christine is the problem!? YOU STARTED ALL OF THIS…you and your “spiritual witness” about Robyn. #SisterWives" Another user wrote, "Meri is a huge hypocrite!! When Christine came into the family she treated her like crap to the point where Christine never wanted to live under the same roof with them. But she’s up Robyn’s a** acting like she understands her side. #SisterWivesTLC #SisterWives"



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