'Sister Wives' Fan Review: Viewers label Kody Brown a 'narcissist'

'Sister Wives' Fan Review: Viewers label Kody Brown a 'narcissist'
Kody Brown from 'Sister Wives' (TLC)

The recent episode of 'Sister Wives' has Kody Brown discussing Christmas and Thanksgiving plans with all four of his wives: Meri, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn Brown. With the ongoing pandemic, they are trying to figure out a way to spend the holidays together, as one family. 

While Christine expresses her concerns about spending Thanksgiving with her children, Meri, and Robyn decide to plan and coordinate their holidays together. From what is seen, Kody seems clearly annoyed that his own wives would choose their respective children over him. Although completely normal, he seems astounded by their decision to spend the holidays with their kids. Kudos to you on that, Kody! 


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Here's what fans think about the recent episode of 'Sister Wives'. One fan said, "Kody is a narcissist. Period. This is narcissistic injury. He is not worth it. #SisterWives #Narcissist", while another shared, "#sisterwives so we now see, Cody is a selfish, dickhead who only is worried about Robyn and not his other wives.. if u can't see that.. well, sorry!".

One fan tweeted, "#SisterWives@realkodybrown you are a manipulative abusive man! Do you realize that you are emotionally abusive to these women? Is that what your Faith is about?", while another said, "Kody forgot Truely’s name!! OMG what a f**king scumbag #SisterWives".









One fan said, "How is anyone still with Cody #SisterWives", while another shared, "Kody wants evvvvvvverything to be just about him. So gross #SisterWives".

One fan tweeted, "Kody wants to kick out “Janelle’s kids” because they are 18. Remind me how old Robyn’s two eldest kids are? What a hypocritical jerk. @realkodybrown #SisterWives", while another said, "HER KIDS??!!!??? Kick out HER KIDS?! This guy needs a kick to the groin.#SisterWives".








New episodes of Season 16 of 'Sister Wives' air every Sunday at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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