Hyolyn and Dasom reunite for charity single, fans wonder whether Sistar is coming back

Hyolyn and Dasom will be reuniting as a sub-unit after their group Sistar disbanded in 2017

                            Hyolyn and Dasom reunite for charity single, fans wonder whether Sistar is coming back
Hyolyn and Dasom of Sistar reunite (@sistarsistar/Twitter)

Sistar was one of the biggest second-gen girl groups in the K-pop industry. The 4-member group were unanimously dubbed as the official summer queens by the general public for producing several hit singles like ‘Touch My Body’ and ‘Shake It’. They had several all-kills on South Korean charts and music shows and also had a streak of charting on Billboard’s ‘K-Pop Hot 100’ till they ended up disbanding in 2017.

Fans everywhere were heartbroken when Sistar succumbed to the 7-year curse. In the K-pop industry, most contracts are for 7 years and by the end of it members either leave the group or the group itself disbands. Very few have been able to renew their contract with the original lineup. And unfortunately, Sistar was not one of them. However, with the news of members Hyolyn and Dasom reuniting, fans are excited.

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Hyolyn and Dasom reunite

A year after Sistar debuted, the group created a sub-unit called Sistar19 which included the members Hyolyn and Bora. A few days ago, there were rumors that certain members of Sistar were reuniting and many believed that it was the members of Sistar19.

But everyone was in for a pleasant surprise when the unexpected pairing of Hyolyn and Dasom was revealed. While the other members have continued with their solo musical career, Dasom went on to focus on her acting.



However, on August 2, it was announced that the leader of Sistar, Hyolyn and the youngest member, Dasom, were reuniting for VIVO’s music project ‘How To Spend 2021 Well’. Their single 'Summer Or Summer' will be released on August 10 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET) and all profits will be donated to those struggling because of Covid-19. The project is being led by comedienne Song Eun-i and has created unlikely collaborations like that between actress Ra Mi-ran and rapper Mirani.


After 10 years, it looks like there is hope for the group reuniting for some sort of project. Last year, all of the Sistar members came together for their 10th anniversary and also danced with Soyou on TikTok to her latest single. Additionally, in February, 2021, Dasom also let it slip that the group was constantly talking about coming back and even their old agency was on board with it. Well, with this sub-unit happening, fans believe that the complete reunion with all of the members is closer than ever now.

'Summer queens are coming'

Fans were excited at this prospect and ended up trending the girls on Twitter. One fan tweeted, “Sistar coming back. Like I feel it in my spirit. Dasom just dyed her hair a lighter brown, Bora got them ugly ass extensions in. Once Soyou and Hyolyn change that hair it's a wrap!” Another tweeted, “IS REAL!!!!! HyoLyn x Dasom is real I'm crying.” One noticed that Dasom had been quite inactive musically and her first project was with Hyolyn, “Dasom came out of retirement for Hyolyn omg.”

Another tweeted, “Hyolyn X Dasom is the least one I've expected but I'll eat that up.” One tweeted, “Summer Queens are coming!!!!! Y’all move, make space, mark calendars, prepare your souls! B-E-S-T.” Another tweeted, “Miss Hyolyn and Miss Dasom to the girls and gays:.” One tweeted, “Hyolyn and dasom announced on august 2nd… 8/2… 8 divided by 2 is 4… OT4 CONFIRMED…….”









Hyolyn and Dasom's single 'Summer Or Summer' will be released on August 10 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).

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