Monsta X 'One Day': Release date and all about the K-pop group's English single

The group is set to make their first comeback after their leader Shownu enlisted into the military in July

                            Monsta X 'One Day': Release date and all about the K-pop group's English single
Monsta X will release their new English single on September 10 (@OfficialMonstaX/Twitter)

Monsta X has been serving monbebes with back-to-back hits. So far Monsta X has released eight studio albums, one repackaged album, nine mini-albums, and thirty-six singles. The group also participated as singers of three soundtracks for K-dramas, one OST for a mobile game, three OSTs for web-based reality shows, and one soundtrack for an animated film.

With so much on their belt, fans are always excited for anything that is to come. Monsta X released their ninth mini-album, ‘One of a Kind’ on June 1, 2021. Soon after the release of the album, Shownu, the group’s leader enlisted for his mandatory military enlistment in July of 2021. The six-member boy band had now become a five-member group for 18 months until Shownu returns. Fans were left upset as they would not get more music from him for some time.


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Monsta X release a teaser photo for their upcoming English single, 'One Day' (@OfficialMonstaX/Twitter)

The English Single

Monsta X has been the one boy band that redefined all English songs with their smooth vocals and intense rapping. ‘One Day’ will be another such single that will mark their eighth all English track. Their last English single was ‘You Can’t Hold My Heart.’ When news about the release of Monsta X’s new single was released on September 1, it left fans intrigued as the announcement poster had a caption alongside that read, “Wish you the best with somebody new, but, they’ll never love ya like I do.”

Monbebes also wondered if Shownu featured on the track as the track is going to release months after his departure. Fans started replying to the announcement tweet hoping this track was recorded before his enlistment. Much to fans’ surprise, turns out Shownu has pre-recorded a lot of content for fans to enjoy in his absence from group activities. It was also officially announced that Shownu will feature on the song and will hopefully also appear in the music video too.


Release date

Monsta X’s single ‘One Day’ will be released on September 10. Timings for the release are yet to be announced. Fans can pre-save the album on all leading music platforms here.


How to listen

The single will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn, and more.

Monsta X loverboys

For this single, Monsta X members have turned into lover boys who have not received the same love back from their significant others. In the teaser photos announcing the song, Monsta X shared a photo which read the words, “Wish I could have made you mine” which cries the woes of a heartbroken lover but the caption of the post was hopeful as it read, “Maybe One Day I will…”


To celebrate the single with fans, Monsta X has also joined the social media app, Snapchat. Fans started trending the word Snapchat on Twitter on September 7 confusing people worldwide as all fans added the group’s official id to their Snapchat accounts. On the app, Hyungwon from the group posted a photo of himself and asked fans to pre-save the single.