Is Shindong canceled? SHINee fans slam singer for saying it's hard to tell if Taemin is 'a guy or girl'

Shindong said 'it's hard to tell if he's a guy or girl', drawing ire of Taemin's fans

                            Is Shindong canceled? SHINee fans slam singer for saying it's hard to tell if Taemin is 'a guy or girl'
Shindong's comment on Taemin's gender neutral persona of 'Advice' slammed as 'sexist' as Internet calls to cancel the singer (Super Junior/ SHINee Instagram)

Super Junior member Shindong has drawn major online flak after his supposed commentary on Taemin's music video 'Advice' went viral. Fans have slammed the SM Entertainment artiste for his remark on gender-neutral clothing of Taemin where Shindong says, 'it's hard to tell if he's a guy or girl.' 

While watching the music video of SHINee Taemin's latest comeback 'Advice', Shindong was surprised by Taemin's unique appearance. He remarked, 'you are manly and cool' but 'you are pretty.' While some fans have taken the commentary in a positive light, a majority of the social media users called out the K-pop star for making sexist commentary and added past instances where Shindong had passed such problematic remarks.


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Is Shindong canceled?

Shindong's commentary on SHINee Taemin has brought major Internet outrage as this isn't the first time that the singer is being slammed for being misogynistic. Last year in July, Shindong caused major hate against him as K-pop fans pointed out his fatphobic and sexist comment where he once said, "I tell you to lose weight if you need to lose it. You can lose weight and can't take care of yourself. If you say this, the other party says 'Ji~', and then you say 'I'm a man and you're a woman' (sic)." Roughly interpreted by the internet, he said, "It is okay for a man to be fat." With regards to the present issue, a fan posted, "The S in Shindong stands for sexist!"


Speaking more on the issue, a fan said, "shindong couldve chosen any other way to comment on taemin’s androgynous look but he just had to say this!" Another fan said, "ppl didn’t even tweet the worst of his reaction lmao taemin lit said so many times that he doesn’t care abt that kinda thing anymore but shindong still hasn’t moved on from 2012 ig!" A user quipped, "why can’t we successfully cancel shindong!" A fan outraged, "shindong literally KNOW taemin, deadass know him personally and still gon say “it’s hard to tell if he’s a boy or a girl” mane stfu!"





Some users have also looked at the commentary from a different point of view. A user wrote, "Why are ppl trying to twist Shindong words about taemin ? He meant good in no where he meant to offend Taemin or question Taemin gender he was just praising him what’s wrong with you all!" Another similar tweet read, "Shindong just basically said how taemin is androgenous??? And complimented him for being manly and cool AND pretty????" A fan chimed in saying, "i ignored that shindong tweet but it's just blown up too much he didnt even seem like he was trying to insult even if he was taemin embraces his androgyny now it's not 2012. i really dont want any mess involving him when he's about to enlist can we get a moment of peace!"





Shindong has also recently enraged ENHYPEN fans when he passed his opinion on who should be the leader. The 35-year-old singer said, 'Why is Jungwoon the leader? I think Heesung needs to be leader according to age.' 


Shindong currently hosts a number of television shows while also directing videos of different projects. The Super Junior artist hasn't responded to the criticism yet. Watch Shindong's reaction to Taemin's 'Advice' below:


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