Super Junior's Shindong slammed for allegedly fat-shaming women, Angry Internet calls him 'fatphobic sexist'

Speculations were rife that Shindong himself fat-shamed women in the past and the internet is a merciless place when it comes to digging up someone's past

                            Super Junior's Shindong slammed for allegedly fat-shaming women, Angry Internet calls him 'fatphobic sexist'
Shindong (Getty Images)

Shin Dong-hee best known as "Shindong" to K-pop fans is again trending for the wrong reasons. Last month, as reported, the South Korean singer and television personality was dragged into a Twitter war as K-pop fans thought he was the reason for SVT member Xu Minghao, better known as The8, cutting his famed mullet – a hairstyle that was synonymous to his personality.

It became nasty when netizens started body shaming and posting mean comments about Shindong. But fans of Shindong, in particular, were calling out fellow members of the K-pop fandom, claiming that the screenshots from the interview are fake and pointing out how it's wrong to body shame someone, especially over something that can always grow back.

But speculations were rife that Shindong himself fat-shamed women in the past and the Internet is a merciless place when it comes to digging out someone's past. A Twitter user, @GUDEGEONU, posted alleging, "Didn’t shindong like say it was ok for him to fat shame women because he was a man, and didn’t he laugh at a racist joke.... poor ch*n gosh... no idol should be near him."

According to, on February 21, it was reported by an online comment translator, Knetizen — the site that translates comments found in Korean News websites — that Shindong received hate comments following the idol's Instagram story that created a ruckus. On his personal Instagram account, the Super Junior band member along with his friend allegedly uploaded a gif where they tried the popular filter of the social media platform, the "twerking nose". The filter is an animated version of a woman's buttocks dancing on the user's nose.

In addition to this, a netizen also attached a screenshot of Shindong's past interview, where he is giving his opinions about a person's body shape. According to a report in International BNT News Korea, during an interview with MBC standard FM in 2010, a listener called the station and spoke about going to diet for the New Year. Shindong had said, "I tell you to lose weight if you need to lose it. You can lose weight and can't take care of yourself. If you say this, the other party says 'Ji~', and then you say 'I'm a man and you're a woman' (sic)." Roughly interpreted by the internet, he said, "It is okay for a man to be fat."

According to the report, netizens called Shindong pervert and disgusting as well because he used the Instagram filter, while adjusting his nose back and forth to make the girl's butt in the filter twerk.

Twitter lashed out with allegations. One said, "lmao ‘shindong apologized’ but did he apologize for that s**t he did like last month, mocking mexican people with racist stereotypes with oh my ‘we-say-f**k-you-to-poc-every-sunday’ girl?? or did i miss something." Another angry user wrote, "Dear shindong, I with hate you with the intensity of a thousand thousand blazing suns. The entirety of human language cannot begin to express my disdain for you, you sniveling worm, your grunting ape, you whining dog." They even questioned his fans saying, "Yall still supporting shindong? A fatphobic, sexist, blackface wearing idol? can't relate."

According to a report, Stray Kids' Bang Chan is slated to appear on a show which also features Shindong. Netizens are praying that Bang Chan is saved. One wrote, "Not at chan attending a show with shindong in it. I’m telling you this is a setup. Bangchan sweetie please be careful of your actions in that show. I have faith in you.” Another wrote, “Y’all pray for my bro bang chan... nothing's wrong with him he just has to go on a show with shindong." One more said, "Chan has to go on a show with shindong literally thoughts and prayers for him this is a NIGHTMARE."

While Shindong’s loyal fans rallied behind him. One said, "Please show Shindong lots of love. Tweet positive, encouraging messages. Respond to news of BangChan going on #dongdongshinki with supportive messages." Another wrote, "It's funny that people will criticize shindong for fatshaming comments he made (and apologized for) ten years ago but will then turn around and fatshame shindong."

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